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You know when you’re watching one of your favorite shows, and everything is going great until THAT plot line kicks in? You know the one — the Porter brothers and their damn bar on Revenge. Mr. Bates dealing with prison bandits on Downton Abbey. Anything besides what Bill, Sookie and Eric are doing on True Blood. Even the most entertaining shows fall victim to terrible plot lines that won’t die, to the chagrin of viewers and curmudgeonly TV critics everywhere.

Sometimes, unfortunately, even the show’s core plot wears out its welcome — this is often the case with shows offering up one central mystery (cough cough The Killing cough) that isn’t solved in one season. It’s very difficult to maintain viewers’ interest in just one mystery over two seasons, and The Killing isn’t the first show to be threatened with the axe after offering up way too many red herrings. To, um, “celebrate” the undying drama of Mr. Bates and those damn Porter brothers, we’ve rounded up the 10 worst plot lines that just wouldn’t die, because negativity is fun!

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