Neil Gaiman Teases ‘American Gods’ Series Secrets

american godsWell, it seems that Neil Gaiman might have learned a thing or two from watching Game of Thrones.

Whereas fans of the George R.R. Martin novels had a distinct different perspective on the series, Gaiman says that fans of his book, American Gods, will still be surprised as the plot of the first season of his HBO series will follow the book but “with divergences.” So instead of having little fan boys point out all the little details that will come into play later (guilty as charged for doing that on GoT), we’ll have people squirming in their seats trying to spot differences and guessing what they could possible mean (I’ll probably be found guilty of this as well). So, basically we traded one type of annoying nerd for another. I guess with nerds you can never win. They know all the rules too well.

Source: Vulture