New ‘Homeland’ Teaser Gets Deeper Into Season 2 — VIDEO

New ‘Homeland’ Teaser Gets Deeper Into Season 2 — VIDEO

The first teaser for the eagerly anticipated second season of the addictive Showtime drama Homeland lasted all of 10 seconds. (Of course, in those 10 seconds, I’m certain Claire Danes‘ troubled CIA operative Carrie Matheson would have been able to pull out crucial clues and hints at what’s in store.) Now a second trailer for the Emmy-nominated series has been released, and Homeland fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief: there’s more! A full 25 seconds more!

The preview delves deeper into the busy mind of Carrie. Or, at least the fragments that may be left of it after the harrowing, heartbreaking electroconvulsive therapy procedure she endured in the Season 1 finale. With snippets of what sounds like dialogue from both last season and this upcoming one (which premieres on Showtime on September 30), there’s no denying that Carrie won’t rest until she reveals the truth about Brody. As we hear in a profound Carrie voiceover (no, not this kind): “You are a traitor and a terrorist and now it’s time to pay for that.” 

Look at the thrilling, albeit short, clip below. And then look again:



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