New ‘SNL’ Promo: Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis Will Blow Your Mind, Man


Even Mitt Romney knew President Barack Obama was going to win the election. Okay, not actual Mitt Romney, but the guy who plays him on TV: Jason Sudeikis! The Saturday Night Live star, who will probably get one final week out of his Romney imitation (hey, at least Joe Biden is still around for him), “predicted” the victory alongside this week’s host Anne Hathaway in their new promo video for this weekend’s upcoming episode. 
In addition to being able to see into the future (regular Nate Silvers, those two) Hathaway and Sudeikis imagine the great mysteries of the universe, even taking some mind-blowing Otological breaks between making “Spatter Day Night Live” jokes and having a sexiest hair battle. Who do you think won that race? Watch the clip below and find out. For the record, our money’s on the beautiful newlywed Anne.

 We knew it! (Wait…who is we?!)

The Nov. 10 episode of Saturday Night Live — which marks Hathaway’s third time as host and, likely, Sudeikis’ last time as Romney — will also feature returning musical guest Rihanna


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