‘Nurse Jackie’ recap: Xanax for a Kid

S3:E10 “I can’t get my thoughts to slow down.” – Grace

Kevin and Jackie went to a session with Grace and her therapist, and Grace told her parents that she wanted to go on medication because her thoughts were moving too fast in her head and she worried that the bad thoughts she had were going to come true. Jackie told Grace that medications didn’t always do what people want them to do, and the psychologist agreed that while Grace wanted to go on medication, she had resisted prescribing anything because she didn’t think Grace was depressed. But she agreed to write out a prescription for Xanax that Grace could take when she felt like she needed to.

“Is this a random urine test?” – Jackie

Jackie was called into Akalitus’ office and told that she would have to provide a urine sample to HR. Jackie wanted to know if any other personnel at the hospital were giving samples too, but Akalitus hesitated to answer and instead told her that until further notice, she was not to administer any medications to any patients. She also told Jackie that the reason why she was being asked for the sample was because HR suspected that someone in the nursing department was addicted to narcotics. Jackie let everything sink in, and asked Akalitus if anyone else knew that she was no longer allowed to give medications to patients or that she was having to undergo drug testing, and Akalitus said she told Eddie in the pharmacy but that’s it. Suddenly, it made sense as to why Eddie pretended like he couldn’t didn’t know if he could fill Grace’s Xanax prescription because it was such a low dose – it was because of the likelihood and probability that Jackie had forged out a script for her daughter with the intention of taking the drugs herself.

“Never gave it the old college try?” – O’Hara

O’Hara went into Dr. Cooper’s office and asked him now that he’s preparing to get married to a girl he dated in high school and with whom he has since reconnected with on Facebook, why he never asked her out when they’d been working together for five or six years. Cooper said it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but it was just that he’d always assumed that Cooper would say no. O’Hara asked him how he’d know what she’d say if he never asked her, and so Cooper finally asked if she’d like to go on a date with him because he hadn’t even proposed yet and nothing was official yet. O’Hara declined his request, and Cooper asked why she made him ask if she was just going to say no like he knew she would, and O’Hara replied that it was because her ego needed a boost and then she kissed him.

“Will you cover for me?” – Jackie

After O’Hara somehow convinced Eddie to go against hospital policy and fill Grace’s prescription, Jackie found out that Kevin wasn’t going to be home for dinner that night and asked Kelly to cover the rest of her shift for her so she could go home and be with her daughters. He said he would and Jackie went home to her children and gave Grace her first dose of Xanax. Jackie asked how Grace felt since she’d ingested the first pill, and she said it felt like she was on the verge of having ten ideas, but unlike when she was not on the medication, she could choose whether or not she wanted to have them. She also said she didn’t think the urge to have such rapid thoughts would ever go away, but at least with the medication, she doesn’t have to think the thoughts that she used to.