‘Paranormal Activity’ Director Lands TV Show

ALT TEXTOren Peli loves scaring the bejesus out of everyone. Now, he gets to do it weekly.

The Paranormal Activity director has developed a new television show entitled The River — a story about a famous TV adventurer (think Bear Grylls) who goes missing in the Amazon. After an intense bidding war between ABC and NBC, Peli looks to have secured a spot on ABC.

Michael R. Perry (Law & Order: SVU) is set to write the pilot. Perry also penned the upcoming Paranormal Activity sequel — so the dude knows how to scare people. Currently, there’s no word on casting.

We can’t help but wonder how Peli will handle the limitations and restrictions of network television while creating a horror show. ABC is definitely not HBO. Plus, it will be very difficult to attract big name actors to network television. There’s a reason there haven’t been many horror television shows, so yeah, not quite sure Peli thought this one through.

Source: Deadline