‘Parks and Rec’ Boss Mike Schur and Cast on the Season Finale: ‘We Went With Our Gut’

Parks and Recreation Leslie and JerryThe big question facing fans of NBC’s critical darling Parks and Recreation is the fate of Leslie Knope’s run for City Council against Pawnee’s golden boy, Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd). Will she defeat the charming idiot or will Pawnee bow to the pressure of the Sweetums heir? The cast and creator mused on the outcome at the Comedy Awards in New York on April 28, and while they wouldn’t give us a straight answer, they did drop some hints for us to scrutinize endlessly. 

Hollywood.com chatted with Jim O’Heir (who you may know better as Jerryyyy) who assured us that “either way, it’s going to be amazing.” According to O’Heir, Schur and the writers explained how both outcomes — Leslie’s defeat and her victory — would work out. “No one should feel [bad] if it doesn’t work out the way they were hoping, they’re both great ideas,” O’Heir said, adding, “Mike Shur and Greg Daniels are brilliant. Their brains are not normal.”

If the “not normal” Schur’s comments in the Comedy Awards press room are any indication, they’ve got the finale outcome on lock. “[We decided by] Internet poll,” he joked. And us much as Internet-savvy Parks and Rec fans would love to choose the outcome, Schur and co. weren’t that lazy. “We went with the version that we thought was better, it was that simple. I mean it was a binary thing – she won or she lost – so we’ll shoot both of them and see which one we like better. We went with our gut.”

Still, you’d better get your enjoyment out of Season 4 while you can. Schur’s plan for next season? “Make it about 40 percent worse, but I mean that can change.”

Parks and Rec airs at 9:30 PM ET/PT on NBC May 3 and the finale airs Thursday, May 10.

Gut check time, Parks and Rec fans. What do you think O’Heir and Schur meant by their comments?

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