Piers Morgan Might Replace Larry King in October

ALTWe’ve heard rumbles of this for a while now, but today, Page Six reports Piers Morgan will officially replace Larry King on CNN in October. Until then, Morgan will host an hour-long interview program four days a week starting in the fall, so we’re slowly weaned off King like toddlers.

Morgan will continue judging “America’s Got Talent” but he’ll be quitting “Britain’s Got Talent” (because it has none! Sorry, but I couldn’t resist!) presumably to make time to interview stars like Renée Zellweger about the plights of gaining and/or losing weight for a movie. And who wouldn’t want to do that when their previous job was watching Brits repeatedly singe their eyebrows off before falling off their unicycles? (Exactly. It’s a no-brainer.)

But what’s going to happen to King? Will he retreat into his football field-sized closet of suspenders to continue his life’s work of organizing them by pattern? I completely condone that activity, but only if he also opens up a retreat for used and abused suspenders. We all know how many pairs Avril Lavigne has left in her wake.

Source: Page Six