Rachelle Lefevre Joins NBC Pilot ‘The Crossing’

Rachelle LefevreOff the Map fans, we may have some bad news.

According to TVLine.com, Rachelle Lefevre — or if you watch Off the Map, Dr. Ryan Clark — has signed on to play the female lead in NBC’s new drama pilot The Crossing. So, this may mean that Off the Map is due for an axe.

Regardless, The Crossing sounds really interesting. Set in Missouri during the post-Civil War Reconstruction area, it follows a soldier named Jason who settles in the town, where he’s welcomed as the complicated community’s savior. Lefevre will play Anna, a war widow/mother of a five-year-old who, during the war, was forced to watch Union soldiers burn her husband and two boys in their barn. But, once Jason arrives, Anna falls for him instantly and pursues him.

So like we said, interesting, right? This sounds like a nice, long, meditative period drama similar to Mad Men, or say, Lone Star. But, as we learned with Lone Star’s hasty cancellation, networks aren’t big fans of nice, long, meditative dramas. So maybe this is just bad news for everyone.

Source: TVLine