‘Revenge’ Season Two Trailer Is Salty — VIDEO

Emily’s getting salty, you guys!

The newest clip for Revenge is out on TVLine, and it looks like season two is going to put Emily VanCamp‘s character in a bunch of hot water. Or, you know, at least some sea water.

Emily Thorne is moving on, it seems. Maybe even literally and figuratively. Though it’s hard to tell the where of it all, as the teaser clip features a lot of footage from season one. No matter, though, as the new bits reveal at least some crazy, question-raising moments. Namely…WHY in the world is homegirl tied to a pole in the ocean?! Is she going to drown? She wants to find out what happened, “dead or alive.” Intrigue! See for yourself and speculate on what it all means in the comments.

Revenge returns to ABC on its new night: Sunday, September 30th at 9 PM.

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