Rob Kardashian Will Be ‘Dancing With The Stars’

rob kardashianKoncerning kasting kompontents kontingent to Dancing With The Stars: Kardashian sibling Rob is signing on to the dance competition. The…celebrity(?) may be joined by Los Angles Laker Ron Artest, who is in talks to sign on to the show. This announcement somewhat flies in the face of earlier news, which reported that Dancing With The Stars producers would be looking for higher profile talent to pad out the season. And high profile celeb Rob Kardashian is not.

A member of the ubiquitous Kardashian family, Rob is the only one not saddled with a painfully forced ‘K’ name. Maybe his name was supposed to be Kob, and the top got kinda smushed together on the birth certificate. (Okay, fine. We know he’s actually named after his father, the late Robert Kardashian.) Rob is best known for nothing whatsoever, but is vaguely known as a background character in some of his sisters’ TV shows. And now, he’ll be bringing some of that patented charisma back to reality TV.

Season 13 (13?!) of Dancing With The Stars will premiere September 13.

Source: TMZ