Russell Brand Is in Talks to Create an Animated Series

Russell BrandThis proves that Mindy Kaling is a clear contender for the Next Big Thing title. Mere days after The Office star announced that she would be writing and starring in an animated series, another big comic star is following suit: Russell Brand.

The Arthur and Get Him to the Greek star is in discussion to create his own animated series with 20th Century Fox. There is no word yet regarding the premise of the series, or on whether or not Brand will also take voice acting responsibilities—although one would likely assume, based on his resume of animated projects including feature films like Despicable Me and Hop, that Brand will in fact also be involved on a performing level.

The news is pretty much right on target. Brand is sort of a cartoon character all his own, known for his cheerfully manic demeanor both in film roles and talk show stints. A man with this frenzious sence of stimulation and love of laughter is actually someone whose animated production I would be very much eager to see. Hopefully, the arrangements regarding Brand’s project make progress so that we might see this series takes form soon. The real question is, what kind of cartoon would Russell Brand make? Family-friendly? Ultra-graphic? Mind-blowingly trippy? We shouldn’t rule out any of these options. The man is nothing if not unpredictable.

If the deal goes through, Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi (The Sarah Silverman Program, Bob’s Burgers) will write the pilot script for the project.

Source: Vulture