Skyler Takes Charge in This ‘Breaking Bad’ Sneak Peek

When Breaking Bad began, Skyler was an uptight aspiring writer who was horrified at the idea of her husband using marijuana to dull the pain of his cancer. After what has been practically a three-season traumatic episode, Skyler deafened to the choirs of legality, and is now all but running the show on the homefront end of her husband’s drug distribution career. Some might call this jumping the shark. Others would defend it by attributing her actions to greed, interest in her family’s financial security, or perhaps something along the lines of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But all in all, Skyler is just like her husband. She craves control. She needs to not only be involved, but to be in management. She is obsessive, pragmatic, deliberate and tenacious. And finally, Walt has all of that on his side. Last week an unwilling seller deterred Skylar from her business plan. This Sunday, as evident in the (Saul-heavy) preview below, we’ll see her really take action.

Source: TV Guide