‘SNL’ Promos Ask the Tough Questions, Like ‘Is That Seth MacFarlane’s Real Voice?’ — VIDEO


Seth MacFarlane SNL PromoFor as many highly visible projects as Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has his very busy hands in, he’s somewhat of a man of mystery. And finally, on Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere, we might get a few answers. The animation dominator himself will take a break from making movies (Ted) and helming three animated sitcoms (Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show) to host NBC’s long-lived variety show, which is a gig that’s really right up his alley. That is, if we can get past a few things.

Thankfully, MacFarlane takes the latest promos for the season premiere as an opportunity to set a few records straight: 
1. Yes, that booming, cartoon superhero timbre is the same voice he uses to talk to his mother. It’s 100 percent real. 
2. He can tell a joke without using a flashback, but every once in a while he just can’t help himself. 
3. He is just as busy as Ryan Seacrest, okay? He didn’t even take a summer vacation.
4. Kenan Thompson was not in Ted. Okay, that’s not about MacFarlane, but it is true. 
The season premiere of SNL with musical guest Frank Ocean airs Sept. 15 at 11:30 PM ET on NBC.