‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’: Savage Opress Attacks Mandalore — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Star Wars The Clone Wars Exclusive Clip, Savage Opress Attacks Mandalore

Star Wars: The Clone Wars made the jump to lightspeed when it returned to the exploits of everyone’s favorite horned, tattooed Sith Lord, Darth Maul. When last we saw Maul (voiced by Being Human‘s Sam Witwer), he and his brother Savage Opress (Highlander‘s Clancy Brown!) had allied themselves with the Death Watch, the Mandalorian terrorist group determined to wrest control of their planet back from pacifist leader — and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s old girlfriend! — Duchess Satine. Maul and Death Watch’s leader Pre Vizsla (Iron Man director Jon Favreau) gathered around them a motley crew of some of that galaxy far, far away’s most fearsome scum and villainy to do their bidding: the criminal organization Black Sun, the mysterious spice traders known as the Pykes, and, of course, the Hutts. Oh, in case you didn’t already think The Clone Wars had assembled the Avengers of voice actors, Katee Sackhoff is on hand as one of Viszla’s lieutenants.

In this weekend’s episode, titled “Shades of Reason,” Death Watch plans to oust Satine and retake Mandalore by having their criminal allies stage a series of attacks across the planet…only for them to swoop in, round up the baddies, and be seen as the saviors of their people. How else to get popular opinion behind their coup?

In the following clip that Lucasfilm has given exclusively to Hollywood.com, the Pykes, who I swear are related to the insectoid aliens in Independence Day, rob a Mandalorian bank alongside an angry lightsaber-wielding Savage Opress. Check it out!

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