Steve Carell Talks ‘Anchorman 2’: Late Last Night

Last Night, Steve Carell talked to Jimmy Fallon about the rumors surrounding an Anchorman 2. It sounds like they’ve got a pretty sweet idea that pushes the envelope and might possibly even break the space/time continuum.

And Selena Gomez, who shows no sign of going away or clarifying her purpose on the planet for me, made something called ‘Texas Popcorn.” There’s a George W. Bush joke in here, but I’m worried if I make it, he’ll come back to life.

Chelsea Handler and Leno just ripped on each other the entire time. They talked about whose pizza was late and whose philly cheese steaks were on time, who has more money, and who’s more Jewish.

Then Leno talked to Matt Bomer, who’s gorgeous. I wonder if he knows he’s the Princess Diana of male homo sapiens.

And on Letterman, Bill Murray went dumpster diving. Poor guy doesn’t have any young person around him to tell him that the 21st century version of “dumpster diving” is streaking!