‘Survivor’ Recap: Unexpected Injury Causes Another Player to Leave the Game

Survivor Recap

If there is one thing true about Survivor, it’s that when someone is removed from the game because of injury it’s usually kicking and screaming. The afflicted person lies in the brush and rolls around in pain as the medic tells them they have to go home, and then they cry. Usually it seems like they’re crying not because they just broke a finger, landed on a sharp tree branch, or fell into the fire, but because they want to stay and finish the adventure they started. That did not happen last night. That did not happen with Shamar.

Shamar has done nothing but make noise since he arrived on the island. It was either bellowing at his fellow contestants or complaining about why he should quit the game. They should have let him. The other members of the “Fans” tribe should have let him take his camouflaged desert wear and just saunter on back home with his head hung low. But they did not, because the “misfits” alliance needed him to fight against the pretty people with them. They didn’t need that extra number, they really didn’t, and sending him home would have made them that much more cohesive and better at challenges. But still, he festered on.

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After a defeat at the reward challenge (the “favorites” were more adroit at getting two of their members from one platform to another using only small squares of wood and then standing on a third small platform as a group), Shamar went and lied in the shelter, telling everyone that he wasn’t moving and they’d have to bring him rice once a day. No one liked that. Then, lo and behold, he got some “sand” in his “eye” and then he “scratched it” and he “messed up his eye.” Now, imagine that I said all of that using air quotes, because no one believed that Shamar was actually injured. We all thought it was another bellyache of his, another way to get out of the game.

The next day Jeff showed up with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Outback Edition, and examined Shamar. I figured they were going to be like, “It’s not that bad, you can go back in the game, but the choice is up to you,” and he’d be all “I need my eyes,” and just peace out. Then Dr. Quinn said, “You really need to see a doctor.” Shamar got all choked up, not because he was leaving, but because he was relieved he got to leave his personal hell for a nice warm bed and a fixed eye.

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There was nothing happening at the favorites camp except for winning. That, and Philip going around giving everyone stupid Stealth International LTD names. The immunity challenge was that everyone had to walk on this rickety bridge (they all just crawled across), swim to a platform, climb up, knock a tile that freed a key, take the key, and rush it back to shore. Then the keys opened the locks on a box, and inside the box were a bunch of balls that had to be thrown to knock blocks off a railing. Challenge, challenge, challing; boring, boring, boring, and, of course, the “Favorites” won.

Back at the Fans site, Matt talked to Michael, saying he wanted to vote out Laura because she is weak and awful at challenges. He wanted to keep Reynold and Eddie, because they have abs and are beautiful. Well, that’s why I want them to stay. The other members of their “misfits” alliance wanted to get rid of the boys and stay true to each other. That is stupid. If they kicked out Eddie, Reynold would feel completely disenfranchised and know he was going home, so he wouldn’t fight for the team. They were already down three members at this point, so there is no way they would beat the other team. So, yes, you have your loyalty and what not, but you have to figure if they lost every challenge until the merge, who would be left? Everyone knew that cuts had to be made, and it didn’t hinder anyone’s loyalty, because everyone knew why the decision was made.

I thought they were going to be stupid, and so did Reynold — he played his idol, even though everyone voted for Laura, a bag of bones who skulked her way toward defeat. She can hang out with Shamar in sequester somewhere. He’s probably still complaining about something.

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