‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: The Vacation Solution

Sheldon Big Bang TheoryS5E16:Things are brewing on The Big Bang Theory. We catch a glimpse of Sheldon on vacation and Bernadette asks Howard to sign a pre-nup; after all she will be making more money as a PhD than he will as an engineer. The last few episodes have focused more on the boys and seemed more like season two, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but it was nice to see the entire ensemble back in action this week.

“The most often received suggestion I’ve received in my suggestion box that you installed without my asking is can Dr. Cooper take a vacation?” – Dr. Seibert

Sheldon believes that he has found a way to make science fun for kids (personally, I always liked Mr. Wizard with Don Herbert): Physics Mad Libs. Using words from his constituents, Sheldon’s sentence tickles Sheldon so much he can’t finish without cracking up. While the boys are at lunch, Dr. Seibert informs Sheldon that he is obliged to take a vacation and he suggests going to Afghanistan. The next work day saw Leonard driving while rocking out to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling,” and if that wasn’t funny enough, the scene was accentuated by Sheldon hiding out in the car in order to sneak into work and suggests the Scooby Doo tactic of pretending Leonard hauling shrimp traps, complete with a truck stop hat/wig combo disguise for Sheldon. Between this getup, “Fun with Flags,” and his Doppler Effect costume, can we add Master of Disguise to Sheldon’s already impressive resume?

“Parental pressure can be daunting, I remember the battle with my mother is about shaving my legs. Last year, I finally caved in and let her do it.” – Amy

The girls help Bernadette with her wedding invitations, which are in English and Klingon – Bernie’s family thinks it’s Hebrew – and she reveals that her dad wants Howard to sign a pre-nup. Penny tells Leonard in confidence and the two argue about what Leonard would do if Penny became a famous movie star. He says he wouldn’t sign – because if she’s going to cavort with Ryan Gosling, then Leonard’s got to get paid – but he’s just happy that she has thought about marrying him. I’m sure a lot of us Theorists out there feel the same way.

“Hawaii is a former leper colony on top of an active volcano where the disappointing ending to Lost was filmed. Mahalo for nothing, Hawaii.” – Sheldon

Sheldon spends his vacation at Amy’s lab. The vacation off to a wonderful start with the “smell of formaldehyde, whir of centrifuge, distant chatter of lab animals being dispatched for dissection,” and Sheldon felt his cares wash away. He’s ready for all sorts of fun, but Amy has him to washing beakers, because he has never worked in this field of biology before – way to put the arrogant prick in his place, Amy. Sheldon’s lone defense was breaking out a Tamagachi that he’s had since the late 90’s and it’s still “alive” – good job keeping your fancy key chain’s battery still alive Sheldon! His next menial task was counting bacteria spores and this seems to start the first real ShAmy argument.

Sheldon believes that Amy is afraid to give him anything meaningful to do because he’ll show her up. To prove her point, Amy has Sheldon try to remove the locus coeruleus, which is a delicate procedure. Obviously the poor guy can’t do it and slices his thumb instead. When will the brainiac learn that all of his theoretical knowledge doesn’t apply to physical applications?

“When I first got here, I thought you Americans really gossiped around a water cooler. So I hung out there for like a month, but the only gossip I ever heard was about some creepy guy hanging around a water cooler.” – Raj

Leonard, true to what he told Penny, decides to ask Raj for his advice on whether or not to tell Howard about the pre-nup. When Howard finds out, he’s a bit unsure about it, but Raj gives him the same advice that he screams at the television during The Bachelor: “follow your heart.” Howard is actually okay with the pre-nup, since he wants to protect his comics, Vespa, and funeral plot next to Mr. Roper.

“Alright Howard Wolowitz, listen up. You sign anything she puts in front of you because you are the luckiest man alive. If you let her go, there is no way you’re going to find anyone else. Speaking on behalf of all women, it’s not going to happen. We had a meeting.” – Penny

Sheldon sits down with Howard at the Cheesecake Factory because he feels obligated to “let his hair down at the local watering hole” on vacation. He orders a Piña Colada with extra everything, hold the rum. Penny shows up to let the boys know they’re stupid; Howard for not wanting to sign a pre-nup and Sheldon for fainting at the sight of a little blood. Sheldon begrudgingly apologizes to Amy for his actions and seemingly all is forgiven.

“So the thing to watch for; if he’s shouting at you, you’re ok. But if he’s starts to get real quiet leave as quickly as you can without making eye contact. Not in a straight line, throw some zigs and zags in there.” – Howard

Howard takes Penny’s advice as well and talks to Bernadette, agreeing to talk to her father. He’s been warned that the former officer still carries his gun and warns him not to bring up “Jimmy Carter, gardeners, foreign people, homosexuals, Sean Penn, Vatican II, gun control, organic food, the designated hitter rule, recycling or the fact you’re Jewish.” Phew, that’s a lot of subjects off the table. Howard decides to talk to him in May, when he’ll be on the international space station. How refreshing is it to know what will happen in the season finale before the characters do?

Is anyone else getting bored with the lack of anything for Raj to do besides a few great lines? I didn’t realize we needed comic relief on a sitcom! But I guess it’s hard with a half-hour ensemble sitcom to fully develop every character. However, the story lines are progressing rather nicely and it is fun to see just how geeky the geeks can get.

What did all of you Theorists think of the episode? Considering how much he loves trains, I’m surprised Sheldon didn’t just ride one cross-country for the week. Sound off in the comments below and follow me and Hollywood on Twitter at @CouchForceOne and @Hollywood_com.