‘The Voice’ Star Amanda Brown Talks Going All The Way With Adam Levine


The Voice revealed their top 12 contestants Thursday night and NBC chose to celebrate their show’s high level of talent with a party at LA’s famous landmark The House of Blues. Each of the reality star hopefuls — and the judges — rocked the stage with an outstanding performance, but there is one contestant in particular, Amanda Brown, who blew everyone away with her rendition of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” But the strength of that performance was perhaps not a surprise to fans who saw Brown’s awe-inspiring “Vision of Love” duet with Trevin Hunte earlier this season. “We wanted people to walk away thinking, ‘Wow. That was really just a beautiful musical experience,'” Brown — a new member of Adam Levine‘s team — said about Team Cee Lo’s Hunte. “I feel like we both did that and so I’m really proud of it.”

Following the performance, Brown — who was previously mentored by Cee Lo Green — was stolen for Levine’s crew, and the 27-year-old singer says that having the opportunity to work with both artists has been an invaluable experience. “They’re both extremely talented and just awesome guys in general,” she says. “I definitely think that they bring two different perspectives to the table. They definitely have different tastes in music and the music that they perform as artists.” 

And the swap has only helped Brown bolster her performance abilities. “[Adam] has just kind of pushed for me to be myself: the quirky and kind of goofy and energetic person that I am, and I want to continue to do that,” she says

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Brown and Levine have enviable chemistry. “I didn’t realize that Adam was, like, this goofy,” Brown says. “Like, we both get into rehearsals and I’m extremely goofy and so sometimes it’s a bit rough trying to get work done.” (Of course, Levine’s looks might have something to do with it as well — adds the singer adds with a laugh, “Yes he’s definitely a good-looking guy.”)

But while fans of The Voice are fixated on battles like Brown’s duet with Hunte, the media is more concerned with the show’s ratings battle with another high-profile reality singing series, The X Factor. Brown, for one, is happier to be on the stripped down Voice than its splashier Fox alternative. “It’s the main reason why I auditioned for this show to begin with,” she says. “I’ve been singing for a little while and I think watching the previous seasons of the show, the contestants are really able to showcase their artistry and the gifts that they have and without any kind of pretense or anything like that so for me that’s why I’m here.”

Looking ahead, Brown is confident about the next few weeks in the competition, revealing a teaser to keep fans on their toes.  “I definitely am very excited about this next performance,” she says. “I don’t want to say too much, but I definitely want to try and keep things interesting and so I’m looking forward to it.”

Check out the videos below to catch Brown’s breath-taking performance of “Dream On” and reminisce with her “Vision of Love” duet with Hunte in the battle rounds earlier this season.

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