‘The Voice’ Star Jermaine Paul Joins the Shocking Reality Winners Hall of Fame — GALLERY

Jermaine Paul The Voice WinnerThe beauty of a reality television competition is that sometimes the unexpected can reach out, smack you in the face and scream “Surprise!” More often than not, reality TV delivers the winners we all expect, so it’s important to recognize those moments when the results truly knocked us on our derrieres. Just see May 8’s The Voice Finale, in which underdog Jermaine Paul took the title over the seeming unstoppable former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca. 

For every Kelly Clarkson there is a Taylor Hicks, and that, my friends, is what we’re here to celebrate. Get ready to remember what it felt like to tear your hair out over a mere hour of television, because these are the most shocking reality TV winners.
Don’t see your favorite shocker? Which reality TV winner shocked you the most?

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