‘Transformers’ Rachael Taylor Joins ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Rachael TaylorIt’s been a while since we’ve seen Rachael Taylor, the blond beauty who helped save the human race with her technical savvy and lovely legs in 2007’s Transformers. Though she’s been working steadily since that blockbuster made her name recognizable to world audiences, her last major credit was 2008’s horror thriller Shutter. Luckily, there’s more of her on the way as she’ll appear in Summit Entertainment’s 2011 alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour and will also make a move to network television on ABC’s venerable hit Grey’s Anatomy.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Taylor is joining Grey’s for an unspecified multi-episode arc. We won’t see her until mid-season, but we do know that she’ll be playing (wait for it) a doctor! The beloved medical drama will return on September 23rd, so make sure your DVR or TiVo is working!

I always thought that Taylor was not only better looking than Megan Fox, but certainly had more chops than that falling star. Why she didn’t get the same attention that the trashy Jennifer’s Body starlet did after Transformers became a global phenomenon is beyond my comprehension, but with a potentially big movie and a sure-to-be-seen guest spot on a hit program on the horizon, hopefully she’s back on track and here to stay.

Source: EW