TV STUFF: Love’s ‘Life’ Lives

It seems like only a 100 years ago that the American public seemed to truly, deeply care about Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hoping that the Love affair (wink, wink) can be sparked again, Fox has decided to relaunch the starlet’s struggling series, “Time of Your Life,” this summer.

Unused episodes of the largely unseen “Party of Five” spinoff will be unspooled beginning June 14. No word yet on whether the show will be brought back for a second season.

BOYBAND DILEMMA: Hope you’re not hooked on “Making the Band,” ABC’s experiment in “Real World”-style storytelling (the story in this case being the hatching of another Backstreet Boys-esque boyband). The network’s pulling the Friday night series effective now. It won’t return until after the May sweeps. Same goes for “Talk to Me,” the new (and likely late) Kyra Sedgwick sitcom which debuted on ABC’s Tuesday schedule just three weeks ago.

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN ELTON JOHN AND DEATH: Launching this month on a cable system likely not near you — VH1 Classic, a spinoff of VH1 (itself a spinoff of MTV). VH1 Classic will feature artists deigned too old for regular ol’ VH1.