TV STUFF: Pity Poor ‘Frasier’

TV STUFF: Pity Poor ‘Frasier’

You ever think of Kelsey Grammer as a movie star? Kelsey Grammer No? Well, that’s too bad, because Kelsey Grammer thinks of Kelsey Grammer as a movie star. At least he thinks he could be a movie star if it weren’t for that darn hit NBC series of his.

In the upcoming issue of Smoke magazine, the “Frasier” stalwart talks about the “bugaboo of being Frasier.”

“For a creative industry, it’s certainly a world full of people with no creativity. They often do not have a vision beyond what they know,” Grammer tells the mag.

While Grammer says he hopes he’ll be given the opportunity to play other characters (presumably on the big screen), we, his public, can content ourselves in the meantime by reviewing his previous cinematic works.

“Down Periscope,” anyone?

WINNER! Joe Trela, a 25-year-old bachelor computer company customer-service rep from Gilroy, Calif., is the third $1 million winner in the history of ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” The show, as aired Thursday, had Trela correctly pegging the moth as the root of the term “computer bug,” thereby prompting Regis Philbin to shout and lots of confetti to fall from the rafters.

AH, THE IRONY: The 2000-2001 TV season will officially start on Oct. 2, the ratings folks at Nielsen Media Research have ruled. The October start date is two weeks later than usual, sorta bugging NBC which paid a lot of bucks to air the Summer Olympics, which end on (doh!) Oct. 1.

REST, SCHMEST: David Letterman, a little more than two months beyond emergency quintuple-bypass surgery, will man the desk at CBS’ “Late Show” full-time next week for the first time since his return on Feb. 21.

“WOOD” PROJECT AFLOAT: ABC has snapped up the rights to “Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood,” an upcoming look at the late actress, with an eye toward turning it into either a TV movie or miniseries.

BAD MEDICINE: A lawyer for the heirs of Grateful Dead pharmaceutical expert Jerry Garcia says the bearded God character on NBC’s troubled “God, the Devil and Bob” ‘toon looks too much like the bearded late rocker.