‘Two and a Half Men’: Charlie’s Back…As Kathy Bates?

‘Two and a Half Men’: Charlie’s Back…As Kathy Bates?

Two and a Half Men: Season 7
It appears to Charlie (Charlie Sheen) that Alan's (Jon Cryer) girlfriend Melissa has moved in to his house, on TWO AND A HALF MEN, scheduled to air Monday, Sept. 28 (9:00-9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Te

Kathy BatesEver since Ashton Kutcher started on Two and a Half Men at the beginning of the Season Nine, fans nationwide have been clamoring for the show to bring back Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). Two and a Half Men has finally decided to grant its fans their one wish: Charlie is coming back. One small thing: he’s Kathy Bates now. But be honest, you probably wouldn’t have noticed if someone didn’t tell you.

In a development that you’ll have to read three times to fully understand, Two and a Half Men has hired Kathy Bates to play the ghost of Charlie Harper. In an upcoming episode, Charlie’s brother Alan (Jon Cryer) will suffer a heart attack, and will be visited by Charlie’s ghost—Charlie’s older, female ghost—while recuperating at the hospital.

Lots of questions come to mind. How will this be explained? Will Bates be a welcome replacement for Kutcher? Will bowling shirts will still be attire of choice?

In other Two and a Half Men news that seems like it has to be a joke, Ashton Kutcher is going to space.