‘Two and Half Men’ Crew Will Be Paid After All

Two and a Half Men Charlie SheenI’m sure Charlie Sheen will try to take full credit for this, but it seems that CBS has finally confirmed that they’re not going to leave those more than 200 crew members who were supposed to earn a paycheck from working on Two and a Half Men without pay for the four episodes that they’d expected to work on. Yesterday, Sheen took a break from talking about how overpaid he is to offer to pay a third of the crew’s salaries if creator Chuck Lorre would pick up the rest. That sounds like more of a bluff than an act of charity if you ask me, but maybe I’ve just heard those soundbites about “WINNING” and “Warlocks” and “Tiger’s blood” one too many times. This not only helps the crew keep up with their normal expenses (something I’m sure Sheen can’t comprehend) but also frees them up to work on other shows now that Men is defunct.

According to Deadline, Lorre was the driving force behind this result because he works with many of these folks on his other successful CBS shows, Mike and Molly and The Big Bang Theory. Thank goodness these guys could pull their egos out of all of this for two seconds to figure out how to help the regular folks who got royally screwed by a network that hedged its bets on someone who is notorious for TERRIBLE behavior.

Source: Deadline