U.S. Attorney General Demands More of ‘The Wire’

the wireSomeone’s trying to get on President Obama’s good side. Tuesday, at the Justice Department, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder professed his love for President Obama’s favorite show, critical darling, and ratings-challenged crime drama, The Wire, and playfully demanded that it make its triumphant return by any means necessary. This is probably isn’t the most productive use of his time, but I don’t think anyone would complain if he got his way.

The show, dubbed “the greatest television series ever” by many critics, ended after five seasons, much to the dismay of its devoted fans. Creators Ed Burns and David Simon had better be listening (because apparently the cries from the little people who adore their show undyingly aren’t enough). Here’s what Holder had to say on the matter, as reported by The Washington Examiner:

Having looked at those clips again, I’m reminded how great that series was…I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon, do another season of The Wire. … I want another season, or a movie. I have a lot of power.

You hear that guys? He has a lot of power. Make it so.

Okay, okay, OKAY. Yes, killjoys, we know Holder is just having some fun here, but come on. Wouldn’t it be great if his remarks did the trick? We can dream, can’t we?

Source: THR