‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Exorcise Me

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When we last left Saved by the Blood: The College Years, Katherine Pierce was no more. However, via a well-timed Traveler magic spell she took possession of Elena Gilbert’s body. Caroline Forbes had freaky outdoor public sex with Klaus Mikaelson. 10 minutes later, her estranged boyfriend Tyler Lockwood returned. Damon Salvatore is still reeling from losing Elena and his obsession with vengeance with the Whittemore family for the Augustine vampire experiments.

A possessed Elena — for lack of a better term, K-Elena — surprises Matt Donovan. She slyly rips off his vervain bracelet and compels him into telling her details of Elena’s life … specifically how she broke up with him. We know where this is going and it’s going to be juicier than a specimen bag filled with red corn syrup. K-Elena is going to break up with Damon and it’s about to get feisty.

K-Elena is being helped by Katherine’s daughter, Nadia Petrova. Like her mother, she thinks twelve steps ahead and manages to arrive at just the right moment. They only need Katherine’s corpse to complete the Traveler spell and get rid of Elena permanently. There is a problem. Elena will unexpectedly creep up out of nowhere. Luckily, it takes her so long to emotionally adjust to being possessed she doesn’t do much of anything. They hit the jackpot when Damon brags about putting Katherine where she “belongs” so they’re quickly able to find her body in the crypt from Season 1.

Tyler is having an emotional crisis because of all of the tortures he endured with Klaus. He’s moved back in with Matt. Despite being concerned with his drinking habits, Matt decides to throw him a party. Matt’s girlfriend Caroline, is stressed, feeling guilty, and blowing up Elena’s cell phone. When K-Elena finally finds out that Caroline slept with Klaus she makes sure that Tyler overhears. Damn that vampire/werewolf hybrid super-hearing! Tyler reminds her (and the audience) how fundamentally evil and murderous Klaus was and how sleeping with him is the definitive betrayal. You don’t want to piss off a boyfriend who can kill you with one bite. Stefan comes to Caroline’s rescue and they have a moment while Tyler is crying in Matt’s arms.

Damon is having an emotional crisis. Despite breaking up with Elena, Stefan and even Caroline are encouraging him to get her back. Enzo has returned with the unconscious body of Aaron Whitmore. What better way to mend fences than to murder a college freshman together? Aaron does admit that he cut off funding to the Augustine experiments. This is thankful because that storyline was a major dud. Damon is torn on the idea of killing him because Elena is his friend. But the old, darker, Season 1 Damon desperately wants to kill him.

K-Elena, Nadia and a sketchy, crimp-haired witch that quite possibly may be related to Myrtle Snow, perform the spell. Conveniently, Elena re-enters her body, attacks them both, and flees in a fit of hysterics. She tries to use her phone but the password has changed. Elena’s outsmarted by Katherine for the umpteenth time. It’s easy to forget that most of the characters on this show are still dumb teenagers. The witch succeeds in the spell, because Elena did nothing to stop them except run away. Also, despite having super speed, she sort of scampered away like a hurt bunny.

As a distraught Elena runs into Damon’s arms, you realize how in love they are. But she disappears to some Hell dimension or spirit world we’ll visit in a later episode. Meanwhile, Katherine, who now has full control of Elena, destroys Damon with all the reasons she can’t be with him. With that, the last shred of good Damon dies. He goes on to kill Aaron Whitmore and it looks like he and Enzo are going to be the new Scream Team. Katherine takes a moment to bond with Nadia: “Cold, manipulative, good hair. You really are my daughter.” Katherine has decided to stay in Mystic Falls because she wants to have it all … and by all she means Stefan’s sexy bod.


It looks like Stefan is the new icing in the love triangle Oreo. He has the plucky and feisty Caroline and his doppelganger soulless-mate Katherine.

It looks like Tyler has become a drunk. They will probably deal with this in a very special episode where they send him to doggy rehab.

Enzo and Nadia will somehow become a couple. The entire cast has paired off like the last season of Friends, so it’s only fitting.

Elena really loves Damon! Katherine is drawn to Stefan because of the doppelganger connection which might be the reason Elena ever dated Stefan in the first place. But when she ran into Damon’s arms it was clear that she really cared.

It seems like the Travelers are going to be the big bad of this season and hopefully we are done with Augustine for good.