Who Should Win ‘Big Brother 14’

ALTEven for those of us who love Big Brother this has been a phenomenal season. The producers barely had to step in and come up with ridiculous twists to keep the drama flowing (though they did save Frank a few times) because the houseguests managed to churn up enough craziness on their own. We had fights, violence, Zingbot, alliances, traitors, and Ian kicking himself in the face.

Now that face kicker is one of the final three people vying for a $500,000 prize along with long-term allies Dan and Danielle. (What would their Us Weekly name be? Danielle? Or maybe…um…Danielle?) One of these people is going to win this blockbuster season. Here are some reasons for and against each of the contestants.


Why She Should Win: Danielle has won a bunch of competitions from a surprising victory in an early HoH endurance competition (remember the pirate ship?) to a few clutch victories in the final competition. She’s had the power when she needed it most. She’s also sweet, likeable, and loyal to a fault.

Why She Shouldn’t Win: Yes, she had the power, but she let other people use it however they wanted. First she let Boogie talk her into voting out Janelle for no good reason and then Dan pulled the ultimate switcheroo and got her to use her all-omnipotent veto during the final four to take him off the block and he voted her boyfriend Shane out and left her looking like a clown. What good is the power if you can’t use it effectively. Also, Dan made every key strategy decision for her during the whole game. Remember when I said “loyal to a fault.” That’s the fault. Oh, and she looks awful without makeup. Catty, I know, but my girl Britney managed to never look anything but flawless.


Why He Should Win: Have you been watching this season? Dan has engineered some already classic moves. First was his “funeral,” where he came out of isolation to turn the game completely on its head. He ditched his alliance, sacrificed ally Britney to the Chenbot (can we make that an idiom please?), and somehow convinced Frank, his biggest enemy, to spare his eviction and kick out someone else. It was the biggest move the game has seen in years. And then, just to ensure his place in the hall of fame, he convinced Danielle to give him her power of veto so that he could oust her boyfriend right underneath her nose. There were a lot of shocks this season, and almost all of them were masterminded by Dan (I bet he even instigated Willie’s fight with Joe). He found a group of people who would be loyal to him, even as he walked roughshod over them repeatedly. Somehow he has convinced everyone to take him to the end, even though he has been playing them the whole time. If Ian or Danielle are stupid enough to take Dan to the finals, then he definitely deserves to beat them.

Why He Shouldn’t Win: He’s pissed off just about everyone in his quest to get them out of the house. Making a deal with everyone with a heartbeat in the BB house and Jenn means they’re all gonna feel betrayed when he votes them out. But of all the reality shows, BB likes to reward dirty game play. Remember Evel Dick? Also, he’s already won already, so there’s that. Oh, and don’t forget all the yelling in the diary room. God, all the yelling.


Why He Should Win: Ian has certainly played the cleanest game by far, and a classically “good” game at that. He laid low during the early stages when he was creeping everyone out, and them made a move to create a strong alliance when he was feeling left out. He even named the damn Quack Pack, for better or worse. He turned on Froogie (the Siamese twin of Frank and Boogie) when they weren’t serving him anymore and had a hand in getting Boogie, one of the best players ever, to pack his bags. He’s won competitions when he needed to and has held on for way longer than some skinny nerd with questionable social skills should. Also, he kind of deserves to win.

Why He Shouldn’t Win: He wouldn’t still be in the game if it weren’t for Dan pulling a fast one on Danielle and getting rid of Shane. Also, he continues to be loyal to Dan even after he tried to evict him during the second double elimination. The only person who deserves it more is Dan, and he has a hard case on why he should win against someone who hasn’t won before and played just as well as he did without pissing nearly as many people off.

There you have it! Let’s see who takes the top prize. And if you haven’t guessed, I’m rooting for Ian.

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