World’s Worst Starlet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Turns Down ‘Project Runway’

ALTDo you know what a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is? I didn’t either really, until I sat through the clanging blur of Transformers 3: Quest for Untold Riches and she was the British girl in it. She apparently was a lingerie model before and, since no one ever heard of her, that sort of makes her Victoria’s secret. 

Anyway, she just backed out of hosting Lifetime’s second season of Project Runway All Stars at the last minute. Um, Rosie, why the hell are you turning down work? It’s not like Hollywood is beating down your door. According to the gossips at Page Six, Rosie took time off from boffing serious thesbian Jason Statham to lobby hard for the role of host to replace the cardboard cutout named Angela Lindvall that they used for Season 1. Rosie was all locked and loaded to be the host of the second season of a spin-off of a tarnishing, once-great reality show that no one really watches anymore except to remind themselves of how good it used to be when it was on Bravo. Then she bowed out just three weeks before filming started to take a part in Mad Max: Fury Road. Apparently Rosie never met a sequel with a colon in the title she didn’t like. 
After a quick audition process, producers finally tapped model Carolyn Murphy to host Project Runway: The Search for Mondo’s Gold, which is currently filming in New York. I’m sorry, Rosie, but Katie Holmes — who may or may not have a thing or two going on in her personal life — found some time to be a guest judge, and you can’t be on freakin’ Project Runway? Seriously, child, snatch it together!