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16 Times Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Made You Want A Twin

If you grew up watching all of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s shows and movies, then chances are you became a little bit envious of them being twins. They gave us some realistic and unrealistic dreams of being a twin, especially all those times they switched places.

1. All the times you wanted to be sassy Michelle Tanner, but realized that would have only been possible if you were a twin.


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2. Whenever they had color-coordinated outfits.


3. When they were able to do hardcore detective work as a team.


4. Any time they successfully tricked a parent into falling in love.


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5. When they had the best sleepover parties, because two people obviously leads to more friends coming over.


6. Every time one of them was able to be a distraction for the other to get away.


7. When you realized they got to meet all the other famous twins on TV.


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8. When they made you jealous because they always had someone there to back them up.


9. When you saw them both in the front row of a fashion show and thought about how being a twin instantly doubles your cool points.


10. All the times you wished you had a best friend that could finish your sentences.


11. When you got older and noticed how they were different, you wanted to know what your twin “alter ego” would be like.


12. The moment you realized they were able to switch places and live as someone else.


13. All those times you watched them be awesome wing girls for each other.


14. When you realized the effect twins have on men.


15. When you watched them get ready together and realized that probably is more fun than doing it alone.


16. The moments where they would just turn to each other to talk about someone they didn’t like.


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