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Calvin Harris Says Taylor Swift “Controlled The Media” After Breakup — Yikes!

taylor swift calvin harris breakup

Things are getting messy in the aftermath of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift breakup. Though the EDM star said everything was “all good,” his actions have pretty much let us know it’s definitely not all good. Now, Harris has accused Taylor Swift of controlling the media after their breakup and hinted at the fact that he wasn’t the dumper — the singer actually dumped him!

Harris revealed some salacious details about his breakup with the “Shake It Off” singer in none other than the comments section of his own Instagram. Come on Harris — just log off, dude. Log off! Of course, the comments are now deleted (Harris must’ve come to his senses and realized that nothing good ever comes out of gossiping to fans on Instagram), but in the world of modern technology, screenshots are forever.

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Here’s what went down: 

A fan asked Harris why he didn’t tell his side of the story after the breakup when Swifty seemed to move on quite quickly. According to Harris, that’s because she “controlled the media.”  “She controlled the media and this situation. I had no idea what was going on,” he said.


When asked about Taytay’s new relationship, Harris confirmed he’s not jealous. He’s “free.” Wow. Stone cold.


When asked about why he unfollowed then refollowed Swift and her brother on social media, Calvin Harris revealed it was because he was heartbroken. 

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i cared too much calvin

Then Harris dropped the bomb of the breakup and pretty much revealed that Taylor dumped him! Plot twist.

taylor broke up with calvin

We’re not sure what to make of this. We really feel for Harris if Swift dumped him for Tom Hiddleston (who’s already met her parents). Poor guy.


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