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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 53 “No Cannes Do”

Anna and Eric are talking on the phone–for 97 minutes, to be precise. The guys are calling it a “clush”: client-crush. But E shrugs it off, inviting her to their little pre-Cannes party.

Of course, Walsh wants to meet Anna the minute she shows up at the party. In fact, he wants to put Anna in the new movie. Vince asks Eric if he thinks he can set up a meeting with her. Sure, but E looks a little dubious. Seems he has lied to Vince about liking the new script; he doesn’t, but Vince is determined to make the movie, so E is willing to play along. But now here’s the new rub: How does he advise his new client about a project he has no faith in but has to pretend to like for his other client’s benefit?

Meanwhile, a terrorist alert has threaten the trip to Cannes. The boys, plus Ari, get to the airport to meet Walsh and they discover LAX is under a code red alert. The flight has been delayed for three hours. Walsh figures that gives them enough time to meet with Anna to get her onboard so he can start re-writing the part for her.

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Ari’s wife was going to go, but he talks her out of it. She tells him she doesn’t want to go anyway. Ari is a little surprise she gives in so fast. Suddenly, he wants her to go because he’s just feeling guilty about it. What a piece of work. She gets him back by indulging in a massive shopping spree.

At the lunch meeting, Anna is a little unsure about doing the movie. Walsh assures her she’d be perfect; he’s seen the Scary Movies and knows she can bring it. She’s a little surprised he has seen those movies. She thinks of him as more of a Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or Blue Velvet kind of guy. He’s seen those movies too, but he says he loves all movies. She takes the script, even if Eric isn’t exactly telling her to.

Vince calls Eric out on his lack of enthusiasm about the new movie. Vinnie knows E doesn’t like the script. You can’t be best friends for as long as they have and not sense something like that. But Vince reiterates that Eric should always consider him his top priority. Even if E doesn’t believe in it, he should at least try to get Anna onboard since that’s what Vince wants.

Later, Anna calls E and basically admits she doesn’t get the script. He goes over to her house to convince her to do the movie, to prove his commitment to Vince. But after they both admit there’s some chemistry between them, Eric comes clean and tells her his true feelings about Walsh’s script.

Back at the airport, the flight has now been cancelled. In a panic, Ari makes Lloyd find them a private jet, but it seems everything is booked. Ari manages a deal to fly out on Sydney Pollack’s plane but only five can go. That means someone has to stay behind. Vince decides if one person has to stay behind, they’ll all stay behind. Team players all the way. Still, miss the opening of Medellin? How can they do that? Suddenly, Kanye West shows up at the private airport to save the day. The gang ends up catching a ride with him on his giant plane.

Running late, Eric gets to the tarmac just in time to tell Vince Anna doesn’t want to do the movie—and he isn’t going to represent her anymore. Oh, well, guess you can’t break up the entourage. Cannes, here they come!

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