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Friday: ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’

[IMG:L]Real Time with Bill Maher — 11/10c on HBO

Ah, Real Time–where celebs go to bash Republicans…and get cheered for it!

Everyone from Ben Affleck to Tim Robbins has graced the three-seat Real Time panel (with one seat usually reserved for a brave Republican guest) with his presence over the past season and a half, and now that the writers strike and the show’s midseason break are over, the celebs have come back. (Actors Adam Goldberg and Harry Shearer have also appeared on the show post-strike-resolution.)

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Tonight’s Celebocrat is Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, although Real Time’s host Bill Maher is a quasi-celeb in his own right.

Also to be included: Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank, who is on the panel, and an interview with CNN’s Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware.

And you can expect Maher to have an absolute, profanity-laden field day with the Eliot Spitzer prostitution-ring scandal!

Plus, love Maher or hate him, his regular segments, aimed more at laughs than outrage, tend to be funny no matter your party affiliation–such as “Blogga, Please!”

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