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Gossip Girl, Season 1: Ep. 9 Preview

It’s Thanksgiving time again, and all is not well.

It looks like it’s going to be a bad night for Serena. After her decision to confront Blair about her dalliances with the dreaded Chuck Bass, which gets Serena barred from the annual Waldorf turkey bash, Dan swoops in to save the day.

He invites the entire the Van der Woodson clan to spend Thanksgiving with his recently reunited family. The only problem being–since Rufus has kept mum about his old fling–he doesn’t know that dad and Lilly have a past and that Alison and Lilly continue to hate one another in the present.

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Does anyone else see a food fight coming?

Meanwhile, Blair’s week is going from bad to worse. Not only has she managed to alienate her best friend, but her own father has decided not to come home for the party–apparently he’s still hanging out in France, having an affair with a male model some thirty years his junior–leaving darling daughter to spend the evening with the Mommy Dearest and four thousand of her closest friends.

My hope is that Blair has finally enough of Eleanor and grabs the carving knife and starts hacking–but since murder has yet to become part of this show we might be left with that old East Side substitute: serious pouting.

We do get another suicide attempt, this time it’s not Serena’s kid brother, rather Nate’s coke-addled, fraud-charged father: Captain Archibald.

Which is to say, it appears that the happy holidays aren’t much more fun for the super rich than they are for the rest of us–just more expensive.

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