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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 18 “Parasite”

Holy Heroes, Batman! Things are getting INSANE.

We start off with Simone, still dead (despite the previews), as Peter and Isaac cradle her. Isaac gets mad and starts shooting at Peter again. He manages to escape. Cut to Nathan’s office, where we discover the politician has been working with the FBI to nail Linderman. The mob boss has summoned Nathan to Las Vegas, and the Feds want Nathan to go in wired. Peter happens to be there, invisible, and hears the whole thing. He materializes and tells Nathan about Simone, who makes an anonymous call to the police.

Meanwhile, Bennet can’t remember anything since driving his wife home from the hospital. He doesn’t remember his house being blown up by Radioactive Ted or his daughter saving the day—and healing miraculously in front of them. Boss man, Eric Roberts, doesn’t know if he entirely believes the amnesia bit, but Parkman, who’s being held against his will, confirms Mr. B is telling the truth. Now, all Bennet wants to do is find Claire.

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Back in their rental apartment, Mrs. Bennet once again seems to be oblivious to all of it, thinking Claire is at a cheerleading retreat. But looks can be deceiving. As she turns up the music to drown out the conversation, we find out she has NOT lost her memory this time. Instead, Bennet told her all about who he is and what he does before the Haitian did his stuff. Bennet also told his wife that if he insists on going after Claire, she is to stop him and show him a note he wrote to himself, saying Claire is safe. Nice touch.

Eric Roberts’ new girl, Candace, shows up with a new assignment for Bennet—to go to Isaac’s loft and deal with the mess there. But the police have shown up at Isaac’s first, asking about Simone. As he gets nervous, Simone suddenly walks right through the front door, thus sending the police away. Huh? Mr. Bennet follows shortly, and then we see just how talented Candace is, as she morphs from Simone to herself. Ah, a shape shifter! That’s some power. Isaac wants to go with them, but they just want him to keep painting. So, he does, painting what looks to be someone carved up by Sylar. Could it be Isaac? [Reminder: When Hiro first jumped into the future and saw the bomb explode, he was in Isaac’s loft, where Isaac lay dead with his head cut open].

Back at the Bennets, Mr. B tells his wife he so glad he can finally talk about what he does and they make a pact to stop the organization—except Mrs. B isn’t really Mrs. B; she’s Candace, and they just set Bennet up, BIG time. Yeah, didn’t see that coming.

On the road, Claire resents her dad for putting her in this situation. The Haitian sticks up for him, but they have to leave the country. Now. Claire doesn’t really trust the Haitian and really wants to see Peter, so she swipes his ID at the airport and ditches him. Later, we see her knocking on Peter’s door. Mom Petrelli is there instead and invites Claire in. Oh, there’s the Haitian, too. They speak French, and Mrs. Petrelli turns to Claire, “I’m your grandmother and I’ve been trying to protect you. But you’ve proven to be stubborn—just like your father.” Claire is dumbstruck.

Hiro makes it to Linderman’s hotel in Las Vegas but is stopped by security. Nathan arrives just in time, though, and gets Hiro in. He makes it down into the vault, where all Linderman’s treasures are stored. When the curator is distracted, Hiro finds the sword, but the curator comes back and alarms security. Just then, the curator is knocked out by none other than Ando, dressed as a security guard. Good old Ando. As the real security starts banging on the door, Hiro, with the sword in hand, grabs Ando and teleports them into a post-explosion New York. Hiro believes he has failed.

Jessica continues to pose as Nikki, but it looks like D.L. might be onto her. No matter. Jessica still has a job to do, namely killing Nathan. In Vegas, Jessica barges in on the FBI’s surveillance room and swiftly kills the agents. Later, she corners Nathan, tearing off his wire–but suddenly, we realize she’s Nikki again. She warns Nathan that Linderman knows all about the FBI and betrayal, but Linderman will offer Nathan a deal anyway. Nathan thinks he can kill Linderman instead, so Nikki hands him the gun and tells him to knock her out. He takes the elevator down to the kitchen, where Linderman is chopping veggies. They discuss happiness versus meaningful lives, Linderman thinking they are mutually exclusive. Nathan pulls the gun, but Linderman talks his way out of it. He knows about the Petrellis’ powers–and about his daughter, Claire. Then the deal comes: Linderman promises a White House position within two years. Nathan puts down the gun. The guy craves power, there’s no question about that.

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And what about Sylar’s ruse over Mohinder? Well, Mohinder is onto him, finally. He drugs Sylar and administers an inhibiter to stop Sylar from using his powers. Mohinder resists killing him, at first, to take some of Sylar’s spinal fluid for research. The information gives Mohinder a key to a new formula and a new list of Heroes. Finished with Sylar, Mohinder aims the gun and pulls the trigger, but Sylar stops the bullet in front of his face. Uh-oh. Seems Sylar was able to stop the inhibiter and his powers have returned.

Later, Peter comes into Mohinder’s place to find him stuck to the ceiling, bleeding. He manages to utter “Sylar” before Sylar grabs Peter and throws him up against the wall. Then he starts cutting  Peter’s head open…

But want to know the most disturbing part of the episode? Looks like they are going to make us wait until April 23 for more Heroes. Why do they do this to us?

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