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‘Lost’ Season Three: Ep. 18 “D.O.C.”

It’s all about Sun’s pregnancy. Jack asks her if she’s OK, any morning sickness, bleeding. Sun is wondering why Jack is so concerned, because she doesn’t know she’s in danger.

Flashback to newlyweds Sun and Jin. Blissfully in love, she talks to Jin on the phone in a park. After she hangs up, she’s approached by a woman who threatens her about Jin. She says he’s the son of a prostitute and it would bring great shame to Sun’s powerful family if the truth came out. She wants $100,000 to keep quiet. Jin had told Sun his parents both died, and when she questions him about it, he gets defensive.

Sun seeks out Jin’s father, a kindly fisherman in a nearby village, who knows right away who she is. He tells her Jin’s mother had been with many men and she left him the baby. He raised him alone, even though he might not have been the father. He begs Sun not to tell Jin about this shame–and she agrees. She then goes to her father and asks for the blackmail money, no questions asked, but he figures out it’s for Jin. He gives her the money but tells her Jin will carry the debt and will have to come work for him. Ah, so that’s how it happened. Later, Jin finds the money and Sun lies, saying it was a gift from her father for furniture and a honeymoon. He says he can provide for her and doesn’t want to be in her father’s debt. Too late.

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Back on the island, Desmond doesn’t have any idea who the woman parachuter is–even though she said his name. But she’s clearly not well and they find her wound—a branch has punctured her side. She’s speaking Spanish, saying she’s dying. Des, Charlie, Jin and Hurley know they have to get her to Jack as soon as possible but moving her would probably kill her. And Des wants her alive because she has a picture of him and Penny. Desmond decides he’ll run back to the Losties camp as fast as he can and get Jack, but someone is coming towards them in the jungle.

It’s Eye Patch. Guess he didn’t have his brains fried in the electro-magnetic fence after all. He sees them and runs off, but Jin catches him. Charlie and Hurley know all about him, from what Kate told them about their adventures to the Others camp. Of course, they aren’t going to let him go, so he brokers a deal: Because he was once a Soviet field medic, he may be able to save the woman, who, turns out, has a punctured lung. If he helps, however, they must allow him to leave and never to talk about him to anyone else. Desmond agrees. Eye Patch saves the woman, and Des lets him go, much to the chagrin of the other four. “Why do we keep letting these people go?,” Charlie asks.

Meanwhile, Sun is worried Jack might be working with the Others to take her baby. But Kate comes clean and tells Sun about the pregnancy problem on the island. Now Sun wants answers from Juliet: “What happens to pregnant women on this island?” “They die. They all die,” Juliet quietly explains. Juliet later comes for Sun and tells her to follow her. There might be hope yet. Juliet is taking her to the medical hatch, the one where they kept Claire. She can do an ultrasound there to see when Sun got pregnant. If she got pregnant before she came to the island, she might be OK. If not, then they’d have to deal with it.

Sun asks why Juliet is helping her. According to Juliet, telling women they were pregnant used to be one of her happiest moments, but that all changed when she came to the island. She’s lost nine women in the three years she’s been there, and she’d like to give Sun good news if the baby was conceived off the island. Sun confesses to Juliet that she was having an affair before she came to the island and that Jin was supposedly sterile. They find the secret room in the medical hatch, a room they took the pregnant women who were dying.

Sun says she loses either way. If she’s to live, that means the baby is not Jin’s. And if it’s Jin’s, she’s in trouble. Turns out she got pregnant on the island for sure, so it is Jin’s baby. Although Sun’s health is now at risk, she’s happy to know her hubby is also her baby’s daddy. Juliet goes back down into the hatch for one last look, to make sure they covered their tracks. But she leaves a tape recorded message for Ben, telling him about Sun’s pregnancy and that she is working on getting samples from the other women! She then turns the tape recorder off and says, “And I hate you.” Oh, yeah, she’s going to double cross the guy.

In the final moments of the show, Hurley is with the parachuter, who finally wakes up. She asks where she is and Hurley tells her she’s on an island and that he, too, crashed there when Oceanic Flt. 815 went down. The woman asks, “815, the one from Australia? That’s not possible. They found the plane and there were no survivors.” Dumbfounded, Hurley just looks at her. “What?”

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And so the purgatory theory raises its ugly head once again.

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