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Monday: ‘Madagascar’

[IMG:L]Madagascar — 9/8c on ABC

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all shows were in strike-induced repeats.

Of course, that is somewhat moot on a night like Christmas Eve, when networks never run episodic shows anyway, but it’s worth namedropping the strike as a snapshot of TV as the year comes to an end.

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Only CBS, with repeats of its regularly scheduled Monday slate, is bucking the trend tonight.

Elsewhere, holiday-ish movies will rule the tube: <I>Cheaper by the Dozen</I>–Steve Martin version–is on Fox, while NBC rolls out <I>It’s a Wonderful Life</I>.

So, on a night when most families will presumably not be gathered around the TV, the best option for those compromising by watching something the whole fam can enjoy is <I>Madagascar</I>.

The 2005 animated box office smash features the voice of kid-movie icon Ben Stiller as one of three Central Park Zoo animals chasing after their friend Marty (voice of Chris Rock), who has bolted for what he thinks are greener pastures.

David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sacha Baron Cohen also lend their vocal abilities as zoo dwellers in <I>Madagascar</I>, whose highly anticipated sequel is due in November 2008.


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The Year in Animals — 8/7c on Animal Planet

Or, if <I>Madagascar</I> doesn’t satiate your animal appetite for the night, there’s always Animal Planet’s year-in-review special–animal style. Featured stories include quirky pet trends, animal-passionate celebs, poignant tales, animal antics, and, of course, some of the serious issues facing certain classes of the animal kingdom.
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