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Prison Break; The Sarah Connor Chronicles

[IMG:L]Prison Break; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — 8/7c; 9/8c on Fox

Fox really has the goods this week–and by “goods” I mean non-reruns.

All but a few of everyone’s favorite (and least favorite, for that matter) shows are now in strike-induced reruns, but not Fox, not this week.

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By debuting the much-hyped Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, returning Prison Break from an uncalled-for two-month vacation, and premiering the seventh season of this little show called American Idol, all in one week, the network has positioned itself as strike-stricken TV’s current leader–not just in the industry but in the hearts of viewers starved for anything new!

It kicked off last night with Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Terminator 2 offshoot starring Lena Headey in the title role and Thomas Dekker (Heroes) as her troubled son John.

In Sunday’s “first night” of the premiere, mother and son moved to a new town for a fresh start, while a pair of Terminators tracked their every move, one for protection and the other for destruction. Tonight’s second part finds Sarah and her son trying to adapt.

But first, at 8 p.m., it’s the return of Prison Break, which last aired on Nov. 12. The episode revolves, as it usually does, around Michael (Wentworth Miller), who is in solitary confinement as a mysterious woman travels to see him. Bellick (Wade Williams), meanwhile, finds himself in a lot of trouble after not mopping up a mess.

And tomorrow night marks the return of TV’s biggest show, Idol, which will only benefit from the wasteland left over by the strike.

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