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Sunday: ‘Breaking Bad’

[IMG:L]Breaking Bad — 10/9c on AMC

AMC may not be the new Showtime just yet, but Breaking Bad just might be the new Weeds.

On the heels of its hugely successful (and Golden Globe-winning) Mad Men, AMC hopes to stay on a roll with Breaking Bad, premiering tonight.

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In the new drama series, Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle, the antithesis of this role) stars as a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal lung cancer.

Instead of self-pity, he worries about his wife (Anna Gunn) and son (R.J. Mitte) will survive financially without him. So he puts his chemistry know-how to good use and teams up with a former student (Aaron Paul) to produce top-grade crystal meth.

And you thought a marijuana mom was subversive, Weeds?!

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