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The Things They Say

“Where I come from, a confrontation like that, as basic and simple as that, would have been satisfied with a handshake and an apology.”
Russell Crowe, on last year’s telephone-throwing incident in a New York City hotel

“[My therapist] saved my f**king life and my career. I don’t care what Tom Cruise says about therapy. F**k him. C**t… People need medicine and they need therapists. Let the Scientologists go f**king live on a planet of their own.”
Mickey Rourke sounds off on Tom Cruise‘s Scientology beliefs regarding medicine and therapy

“Oh, boy, was that done to death!”
Mel Gibson, reacting to the prospects of another Lethal Weapon sequel

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“I’m definitely a Democrat but I think he’s got a great centrist attitude–although he does support the wrong president, who we all know is one of the biggest mistakes the United States has ever made.”
Danny DeVito keeps in touch with his governor and Twins and Junior costar Arnold Schwarzenegger

“It’s like somebody saying, ‘You’re gonna be hit by a bus but it’s not going to be for about 10 years and we’re gonna glue you in the road so you can totally see the bus coming but we can’t tell you what’s gonna happen when it hits you.'”
Michael J. Fox, on being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

“The Rolling Stones play the same show in a 2,000-seat venue as they do in a 52,000-seat venue and they were so loud… I walked out of there and went home and it was like bacon sizzling in my ear the entire night.”
Alec Baldwin was privy to a special Rolling Stones birthday celebration for Bill Clinton, but it turned out to be too loud to fully enjoy

“I never fancied Pamela–until recently. I was sitting next to her at a party at the Playboy mansion and there was loads of chemistry. I thought how funny it would be if we hooked up now. But she’s married…sadly.”
David Hasselhoff wonders what could’ve been between him and his former Baywatch costar Pamela Anderson, who’s now married to Kid Rock

“I read Hotel Rwanda and couldn’t figure it out… I didn’t know if people wanted to come to the movies and see it. Don Cheadle did a great job.”
Samuel L. Jackson turned down the lead role in Hotel Rwanda, which ultimately went to Cheadle

“You never know how life is going to bring people together.”
Brooke Shields, on her newfound close friendship with Katie Holmes, whose fiancé, Tom Cruise, was until recently engaged in a bitter public feud with Shields

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“I’m hiding behind things–boxes and trays.”
Marcia Cross insists her pregnancy won’t be written into the plotline of Desperate Housewives

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