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“When I see him, it’s on. I’m not going to let him get away with it. If I’d have been in the audience he would’ve had to put his dukes up. He probably should go get a private island somewhere, cause if I see him…”
Jamie Foxx won’t be so quick to let former Seinfeld star Michael Richards off the hook for his racist rant at a comedy club last week

“Essentially, we were middle-class Jewish white boys, who were adopting this culture, which we thought was very cool. That was sort of the origins of Ali G.”
Sacha Baron Cohen, a.k.a. Borat, once aspired to become a professional breakdancer in his native Britain before his comedy career took off

“It doesn’t really exist, this Frat Pack. We run into each other on occasions and we all like each other’s films, I guess, but there isn’t some big funny restaurant or bar where we all hang out. At least, if there is, they haven’t invited me. I wasn’t in You, Me and Dupree, Owen‘s last movie, and none of them was in Talladega Nights with me and actually, nobody gives a s**t.”
Will Ferrell does his best to dispel the existence of a fabled “Frat Pack,” whose members supposedly include himself, Steve Carell, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Vince Vaughn and Owen and Luke Wilson

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“While I understand the arguments about taking people away from their culture, there is a culture of deprivation and poverty that is not fun to be part of. She found a child in desperate need. Some people want to bring up a child personally, others want to act in a more general way, but both ways are surely to be welcomed.”
Emma Thompson, herself an adoptive parent to an African orphan, defends Madonna’s recent adoption of a young African boy, David Banda

“Unlike Mel Gibson, who probably does hold racist attitudes, I don’t think Michael Richards doesn’t like black people. I think he was just trying to say the craziest and most vile thing in that room he could possibly muster. And I think he dug deep, into the darkest corners of his mind, to say those evil things to those men.”
-Comedian Tom Green, for one, doesn’t think Michael Richards meant what he said to two black hecklers at an L.A. comedy club last week

“I don’t like pretty boys–I like a man who has lived life and I can see it in his face.”
Casino Royale’s Bond girl Eva Green, on her taste in men

“I haven’t got any money. I’m renting my house and I’m trying to save up so I can buy it.”
Jude Law claims his 2003 divorce from Sadie Frost left him financially crippled

“Tabloids don’t sell movies or help anyone’s career. If that were true, every Lindsay Lohan movie would open to $80 million.”
Cameron Diaz insists there’s no correlation between box-office success and tabloid exposure

“I think he looks great. I’m delighted that they chose a really great, proper actor for the part and not some posing guy. He’s a seriously good actor and it looks like the right direction to take that whole thing.”
Clive Owen, on new James Bond Daniel Craig; Owen was reportedly a legitimate 007 contender before dropping out of the race

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“I like being with my wife, we’ve been together more than 25 years. I don’t know what the secret is–not seeing each other a lot, probably.”
Danny DeVito, on his long-standing marriage to actress Rhea Perlman

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