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15 Fun Facts About ‘The Goonies’ To Blow Your Mind

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One of the best movies to come out of the ‘80s is The Goonies. The adventure of Mikey, older brother Brand, and their motley crew of friends, who embark on a day long mission to find pirate treasure, is a never-get-tired-of-watching flick, but did you know about these movie fun facts?

1. It was Josh Brolin’s acting debut.

2. The film was shot almost entirely on location and in sequence in Astoria Oregon.

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3. It took 5 hours in the make up chair to transform John Matuszak into Sloth.

4. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman both auditioned for the part of Mouth.

5. Speaking of Mouth, the character’s real name is Clark Devereaux.

6. The kids weren’t allowed to see the pirate ship while it was being built. Their reactions to seeing it for the first time are 100% real.

7. Sean Astin took the treasure map as a souvenir from set, but his mom accidentally threw it in the trash thinking it was garbage.

8. Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk, said he was able to generate real tears for the film by thinking about his mother dying.

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9. The treasure map was speckled with real blood.

10. Sean Astin improvised his story telling of One Eyed Willy to the rest of the Goonies.

11. The bats that flew out of the cave were made from bowties and black paper mache.

12. The slide into the pirate ship cave was real. Crew would sneak into the soundstage after shooting to ride it.

13. There was a deleted scene with an octopus, which Data mentions at the end of the movie.

14. Corey Feldman actually fit all the jewels in his mouth which Mama Fratelli makes him spit out.

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15. June 7th is “Goonies Day” in Astoria Oregon.

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