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16 Things You Should Never Say To A Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter is the greatest franchise in the world. But because of it’s popularity, many people think they have the right to voice their (unpopular) opinions on the subject.

1. “Hermione should have wound up with Harry.”

*Must not scream at this person* ARE YOU INSANE?!

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2. “Snape was always a bad guy.”

3. “I didn’t even cry when he died.”

4. “Dumbledore wasn’t very bad ass.”

5. “Lord of the Rings is so much better.”

LOTR and Harry Potter are not the same thing. You did know they weren’t competing right?

6. “I prefer Twilight over Harry Potter.”

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Okay, but how are these two things the same? You do know one is about vampires and the other is about amazing witches and wizards? You’re allowed to like both.

7. “The movies were much better than the books.”

8. “Harry Potter is for little kids.”

9. “I didn’t think Umbridge was that bad.”

Don’t make Umbridge slap a bitch!

10. “Luna Lovegood was an annoying character.”

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11. “The movies were cast terribly.”

12. “I hate it when ABC Family does Harry Potter weekends.”

13. “Hogwarts doesn’t look very cool.”

14. “Voldemort wasn’t a scary villain at all.”

15.” The Weasley twins weren’t funny.”

16. “Magic isn’t real.”

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