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12 Of The Most Insane Medical Cases on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

It seems insane to think that Shonda RhimesGrey’s Anatomy has been tugging at our hearts for over a decade. From the massive changes with the cast, the most gut-wrenching deaths, heartbreaking romances and of course those wacky medical cases, Grey’s Anatomy has something to offer everyone. Now that Patrick Dempsey has exited the series as our beloved McDreamy, let’s look back at the heart of the show. Here are 12 of the most insane patients on Grey’s Anatomy to date.

1. The Girl Who Couldn’t Feel Pain (Season 3, Episode 3)


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Remember when Scream QueensAbigail Breslin was just a wee tot on Grey’s? Alex thought that her parents might have been abusing her because of all of her bumps, breaks, and bruises. It turns out that she had a genetic condition known as CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis).  Luckily the team at Seattle Grace save the kid with surgery.

2. The Dude Who Sawed Off His Own Foot (Season 4, Episode 5)

Greys Anatomy, Season 4, ABC, 102115

Grey’s Anatomy has always known how to do Halloween episodes. In the fourth season of the series, a gentleman turned up at Seattle Grace demanding that the doctors amputate his foot. He claimed that it wasn’t his foot. Bailey rushed to order a psych evaluation, but the desperate patient took matters into his own hands taking a surgeon’s saw, and cutting off his own foot. Talk about gory and disgusting.

3. The Barbie Doll Dude (Season 2, Episode 2)

Greys Anatomy, Season 2, ABC, 102115

Poor Bailey was so befuddled when an X-ray of her patient’s obstructed bowel had ten tiny faces in it. Though we never got an official diagnosis of why this poor lad was swallowing Barbie heads, he did say that he felt “empty inside” without them.

4. The Lady With All The O’s (Season 2, Episode 18)

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Normally multiple orgasms are pretty freaking fantastic. However, when orgasms begin taking over your life they can be pretty terrible. In season two of Grey’s, the interns met a college student whose spontaneous multiple orgasms caused her to get into a car accident. Though they gathered around her at first gawking at her moans and euphoria, they soon realized how awful her condition really was. Luckily, the docs were able to fix her up so orgasms only happened at appropriate times.

5. The Women With the Toxic Blood (Season 3, Episode 14)

Greys Anatomy, Season 3, ABC, 102115

So apparently extremely volatile cancer treatment drugs and herbal supplements can breed some very toxic chemicals. During season three of Grey’s, the docs run into a woman whose blood is so tainted that they all pass out while operating on her. Though they try and use oxygen masks to finish up the surgery, their supply runs out and they are forced to take turns using 20-sec shifts whilst holding their breath to patch her up. Though this seems ridiculous and far fetched, it made for a pretty kick ass episode.

6. Bonnie & Tom (Season 2, Episode 6)

In what is still one of the BEST episodes of Grey’s Anatomy EVER. Meridith and the crew are forced into action after a horrific train accident. During the accident, a metal pole impales two strangers Bonnie and Tom. Stuck together by fate, the two become friends as the doctors work tirelessly to save them. However, things become much more dire when they realize that have to move one of them off of the pole to save the other. Since Tom’s injuries are less severe, Bonnie sacrifices herself to save her new friend. Try not to be completely gutted when you watch this episode.

7. The Concrete Kid (Season 4, Episode 17)

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The concrete kid episode made it clear that Truth or Dare should be left to children because teens and adults are too foolish to play the game properly. In the fourth season, the fire department brings in a kid in-cased in concrete. It’s so insane that the doctors can’t decide how to even begin helping him. The concrete is stripping the water from his body at a rapid rate, while the rock is putting pressure on his body where there should be no pressure. Though it seems dire at first, the doctors are able to save his life and he even gets the girl. (Obviously a fairytale.)

8. The Baby Born With His Brain Outside Of His Body (Season 9, Episode 22)

Greys Anatomy, Season 9-, ABC, 102115

This episode could have almost been overlooked because of the all of the drama happening in the lives of the Seattle Grace doctors at the time. Still, the doctors are able to use some pretty cool technology to get the baby’s brain back into his skull where it belongs. It was terrifying but really amazing.

9. The Lion Guy (Season 8, Episode 18)

Greys Anatomy, Season 8, ABC, 102115

Perhaps you know him as Doyle from Gilmore Girls or maybe you know that Danny Strong is the co-creator of Empire. However, when he guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy he was a poor chap whose girlfriend’s pet lion used him a chew toy. Even worse, the woman was more distraught about her lion than her beau being ripped to shreds.

10. The Twin Absorber (Season 10, Episode 16)

Greys Anatomy, Season 10, ABC, 102115

It would obviously be extremely horrifying if you discovered you were meant to be a twin, but you ate them in womb or something awful like that. Well, this dude from season ten of Grey’s experienced this, and instead of being creeped out by it like everyone else, he got super nostalgic about his twin. Luckily, the doctors at Seattle Grace were able to convince him to let them remove a piece of the twin’s spinal cord that was causing him all kinds of medical issues.

11. The Girl Who Could Hear Inside Her Body (Season 6, Episode 22)

One of the most chilling medical cases on Grey’s Anatomy starred Demi Lovato. Though the doctors and her parents initially thought she was schizophrenic because she tried to claw her own eyes out, it turns out that she had a tiny hole in her inner-ear that allowed her to hear all the noises within her own body. That would drive anyone up the wall. Luckily, Alex was able to repair the hole and the girl went home completely healed.

12. Tree Hand (Season 7, Episode 3)


Everyone remembers the tree bark hand episode from season seven of Grey’s. Bailey encounters a man with warts all over his face. She soon discovers that not only do his hands have warts on them as well, but they also look like large tree bark claws. Bailey holds it together and diagnoses the man with “Tree Man” disease, which is a type of HPV.  The mans’ wife convinces him to have regular surgeries to remove the warts or else they will keep coming back. As Bailey and the team take on the task of removing 12 pounds of warts from the man, a spider crawls out of him. It was horrifying.

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