7 Reasons ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Should Be as Big as ‘Breaking Bad’

Fan favorite Breaking Bad certainly deserves its well-respected reputation, but fellow cable show Sons of Anarchy is another well-written, talent-filled, and heart-poundingly suspenseful show that gets overlooked. The FX action-drama about a motorcycle club and its outlawing ways has developed a cult following, but there’s no reason it can’t be as mainstream as our favorite AMC show. Here are seven reasons why Sons of Anarchy rules.

1. Charlie Hunnam

Breakout star Charlie Hunnam just made our summer fun with Pacific Rim, and on Sons, he has immense screen presence as young motorcycle club leader Jax Teller. It doesn’t hurt that his golden-boy good looks make him a spitting image of Brad Pitt. Plus, he has the best walk on TV.

2. Ron Perlman Is Even Less Moral Than Walter White

First of all, Ron Perlman is awesome, and he gives weight to any character he plays. His character, Clay Morrow, is easily one of the most detestable characters in TV history, as he routinely orders hits on his own club members and beats up his wife.

3. Katey Sagal Is Badass

If you think that Katey Sagal will always be associated with playing Peg Bundy, just watch one episode of Sons and your entire idea of her will change. As Gemma Teller, she’s tough, witty, and the kind of b**ch you secretly wish you could be.

4. More Comic Relief

With characters like Tig (Kim Coates) and Juice (Theo Rossi), the show has plenty of lighthearted banter and comedic scenarios, something that Breaking Bad can’t say for itself, even with Bob Odenkirk on board. Tig’s doll phobia is especially amusing.

5. More Strong Women

Maggie Siff’s Tara Knowles, Jax’s wife, could totally take Skyler White in a fist fight. She’s been strong and opinionated from the start, and she doesn’t make decisions out of fear, as Skyler often does. Even the porn stars and hookers on the show are feisty and will kick your ass for looking at them wrong.

6. Opie’s Facial Hair

Besides Duck Dynasty, you won’t find collective facial hair like you see on Sons. Opie’s, however, takes the cake. Even though (SPOILER ALERT) he’s no longer alive on the show, his beard and mane ruled the screen for four solid seasons.

7. Motorcycles!

This may go without saying, but the show is full of beautiful, loud Harleys. If you’re anything of a hog connoisseur, then this show is pure motorcycle porn for you.

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