Beverly Hills, 90210: 25 Years Later, Where Are They Now?

Jason Priestley
Jason Priestley Now, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Brandon Walsh, Seasons 1-9 (Guest 10)

Jason Priestley became a teen idol after the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210 when the network decided to air a special summer season. Now, 25 years after the series premiered, Priestley kept busy for a while as the star of Canadian TV show, Call Me Fitz which ended in 2013. He's also very involved with racing cars and frequently pops up at competitions along that circuit. He married a make-up artist, Naomi Lowde, in 2005, and the couple have two children. In May 2014, Priestly published his autobiography, Jason Priestley: A Memoir.
Shannen Doherty
FOX/Getty Images
Brenda Walsh, Seasons 1-4

After the fourth season, Doherty's Brenda Walsh was leaving the world's most famous zip code for London to spend a year studying at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts...only, she never returned. Shannen Doherty, presumably because she's supposed to be the co-star from hell, never returned to 90210 until 2008 when she appeared in the spin-off. Since her time on the show, she starred the series Charmed, which was also produced by Aaron Spelling, but ultimately left due to cast conflicts as well. She's also appeared in tons of reality shows, made-for-TV movies, and failed TV shows, most notably: Dancing With The StarsThe New Normal (as Brenda Walsh), and will reprise her 1995 Mallrats role for the upcoming sequel. In 2011, Doherty married her third husband, Kurt Iswarienko.
Jennie Garth
FOX/Getty Images
Kelly Taylor, Seasons 1-10

Since Beverly Hills, 90210, the fabulous Jennie Garth has had starring roles on the hit series What I Like About You90210, and the just-canceled Mystery Girls (also starring Tori Spelling). She also competed on the fifth season of Dancing With The Stars and made it all the way to the semi-finals. In 2013, Garth divorced her husband of 12 years and the father of her three daughters, Peter Facinelli. However, in April 2015, Garth became engaged to actor David Abrams, whom she met on a blind date.
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Ian Ziering
Ian Ziering Now, Beverly Hills 90210
Steve Sanders, Seasons 1-10

Since his days as Steve Sanders, Ziering has gone on to compete in the semi finals of Dancing With The Stars season 4, as well as appearing on Celebrity Apprentice and winning multiple awards for his film work. He had auditioned to become the new host of The Price is Right in 2007, but ultimately lost out to Drew Carey. Most recently, he's appeared as Fin in Sharknado and its sequel. In 2010. Ziering married his second wife, Erin Kristine Ludwig, with whom he has two children.
Gabrielle Carteris
Gabrielle Carteris, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Andrea Zuckerman, Seasons 1-5 (Guest 6, 8, 10)

At 29, Carteris was the oldest member of the cast to portray a 16-year-old, and for that, we just want to give her snaps for looking so beautiful still. She left the series in 1995 to host her own short-lived talk show, Gabrielle. She continued to return to the series and also continued to make numerous television and made-for-TV movie appearances. In 2013, Carteris was elected Executive Vice President of SAG-AFTRA following the SAG (Screen Actors' Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) merger. She has been married to Charles Isaacs, a stockbroker, since 1992; the couple have two children.
Luke Perry
Luke Perry, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Dylan McKay, Seasons 1-6, 10

Perry quickly found himself a teen idol after being cast as the brooding Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210. Early on during the show, he landed a role in the film version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and eventually left the show. During his time away from the series, he had a number of film roles, including a small part in The Fifth Element, before returning to the series for good. Since then, Perry has had a ton of roles, including parts on: The Simpsons, What I Like About You, Community, Family Guy, Oz (where he went full-frontal, hubba hubba), John from Cincinnati, Jeremiah, Sin City, Will & Grace, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and Raising Hope. He's also appeared on Broadway and on stage in London. In 2003, he divorced his wife of 10 years, Minnie Sharp, with whom he had two children.
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Brian Austin Green
Brian Austin Green, Beverly Hills 90210
David Silver, Seasons 1-10

Green was cast on Beverly Hills, 90210 because Aaron Spelling felt he had the personality the producers wanted David Silver to have, and as the series progressed, David's interests often mirrored Green's own. Green has had guest roles on almost every TV show imaginable -- Growing PainsThe Twilight ZoneSmallville, just to name a few -- and larger roles on Terminator: Sarah Connor ChroniclesDesperate Housewives, and most recently FX's Anger Management. Green began dating Transformers actress Megan Fox in 2004 and eventually married her in 2010. In 2009, Green and Fox were burglarized in the robberies that became known as "the Bling Ring." The couple has two sons together, and they are also raising Green's son from his relationship with 90210 co-star Vanessa Marcil.
Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Donna Martin, Seasons 1-10

After reigning supreme as Donna Martin for the entire run of Beverly Hills, 90210, the show her father produced, Tori Spelling appeared on the sitcom So Notorious as a parody of herself, reprised Donna Martin for the 90210 remake, and joined Jennie Garth on the short-lived Mystery Girls. She has also appeared on reality TV for years with her husband, Dean, as part of the Tori & Dean series (now just True Tori). She and Dean McDermott have been married since 2006; they wed less than a month after Spelling's divorce from her first husband, Charlie Shanian (m.2004-2006), was final. She and Dean have four children together. Tori Spelling has also written an impressive six books: the New York Times bestseller, sTORI TELLING (2008), as well as Mommywood (2009), UNCHARTED TERRITORI (2010), Presenting Tallulah (2010, a picture book), CelebraTORI (2012), and Spelling It Like It Is (2013).
Tiffani Thiessen
Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, Beverly Hills 90210
Valerie Malone, Seasons 5-9 (Guest 10)

The Saved by the Bell star followed her time spent in the famous zip with roles on other TV series, including What About BrianTwo Guys, A Girl and a Pizza PlaceJust Shoot Me!Fastlane, and Good Morning, Miami before taking the role of Elizabeth Burke on White Collar. In 2015, Thiessen reunited with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, and Dennis Haskins for a Saved by the Bell sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Also in 2015. Thiessen began hosting her own cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani's, on Cooking Channel. In 2005, Thiessen married actor Brady Smith. The couple welcomed their first child, a girl named Harper, in 2010. In January 2015, a rep for Thiessen confirmed they're expecting their second child.
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Carol Potter
Carol Potter, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Cindy Walsh, Seasons 1-5 (Guest 6,8)

When Brandon and Brenda's parents, Jim and Cindy Walsh, left Beverly Hills for Hong Kong after season 5, we were a little sad, but it needed to happen. Luckily for Carol Potter, she was cast in Sunset Beach, which she starred in for 136 episodes. Since then, she's had guest starring roles on NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan, Greek and most recently, Medium.
James Eckhouse
James Eckhouse, Beverly Hills 90210
Jim Walsh, Seasons 1-5 (Guest 7-8)

Eckhouse followed his time on the show with guest spots on shows like Chicago Hope, Once and Again, Ally McBeal, Touched by an Angel, The West Wing, Judging Amy, Without a Trace, Boston Legal, Medium, Crossing Jordan, Nip/Tuck, Las Vegas, Criminal Minds, CSI, Harry's Law, The Good Wife, Days of Our Lives, Masters of Sex, and, most recently, Castle. He also made an appearance in 2012's Avengers as Senator Boynton.
Joe E. Tata
Joe E Tata, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Nat Bussichio, Seasons 1-10

Tata's only credits after leaving the series are exactly what you'd hope they would be: Charmed with Shannen Doherty, 90210 the reboot, and Mystery Girls with Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling. Just like Nat would do!
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Douglas Emerson
Douglas Emerson, Beverly Hills 90210
Scott Scanlon, Seasons 1-2

After Emerson's character was killed off the show in season 2, he went to junior college and eventually transferred to Pepperdine University, where he met his wife, Emily Barth. They wed in 1996 after Emerson dropped out of college to join the U.S. Air Force. He won various awards for planning missions in the 1999 Kosovo War before leaving the air force in 2003. Emerson now lives in Colorado with his wife and their two daughters.
Mark Damon Espinoza
Mark Damon Espinoza, Beverly Hills 90210
Jesse Vasquez, Seasons 4-5

Espinoza followed his time on 90210 with small roles on shows like Married with ChildrenNYPD BlueCaroline in the CityNip/Tuck, NCIS, House, Parenthood, and Private Practice. He also appeared on American Horror Story: Asylum and Scandal as Chairman of Joint Chiefs.
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Clare Arnold, Seasons 4-7

Having already spent most of the 90s on television in Canada, Kathleen Robertson decided not to renew her 90210 contract in order to pursue film work. After leaving 90210, Robertson went on to star in numerous films, including Scary Movie alongside co-star Tori Spelling, XX/XY, Nowhere along with Shannen Doherty, and Hollywoodland. She's also appeared on television throughout the years following the show: Girls ClubThe Business, and Boss. Most recently, she's appeared on TV shows Murder in the First and Bates Motel. She married her husband, Chris Cowles, in 2004, and in 2008, the couple welcomed a son.
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Jamie Walters
Jamie Walters, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Jamie Walters
Ray Pruit, Seasons 5-6 (Guest 7)

Walters met and began working with Aaron Spelling on Fox's The Heights, which was canceled but launched Walters' music career. He sang the theme song, "How Do You Talk To An Angel?," which earned him an Emmy nomination. Spelling created the role of Ray Pruit specifically for Walters, but he left the show to focus on his music career. After the show, in 1997, Walters' second album, Ride, became certified gold. His third album, Believed, followed in 2002 before he became a firefighter/paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He met his wife, Patty, in a hospital while they were both working as EMTs and married in 2002. He and Patty have 3 daughters and he also has a son from a previous relationship. In 2009, he appeared on Vh1's Confessions of a Teen Idol.
Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank, Beverly Hills 90210
Carly Reynolds, Season 8

Swank initially signed on for a 2-year contract with Beverly Hills, 90210, but was written out after only 16 episodes because producers felt her character wasn't resonating with audiences. Even though she was crushed ("If I'm not good enough for 90210, I'm not good enough for anything."), she managed to move on with her career. Getting fired from 90210 freed her up to audition for the role of Brandon Teena in Boy's Don't Cry, which earned Swank her first Oscar in 2000. She then went on to star in a number of movies, including Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby which earned her another Oscar: Insomnia, The Black Dahlia, Freedom Writers, P.S. I Love You, Amelia, New Year's Eve, and most recently The Homesman. In 2007, Swank divorced her husband Chad Lowe, whom she had been married to for 10 years. She will appear next on the upcoming Alejandro González Iñárritu drama The One Percent.
Vincent Young
Vincent Young, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Noah Hunter, Seasons 8-10

Young has kept quite the low profile since the iconic 90s show ended. He's had guest roles on CSI: NY and NCIS, as well as starring as "Bud Lunger" in Adult Film: A Hollywood Tale and Eagles in the Chicken Coop. Young also dated Tori Spelling, but the two called it quits shortly after the series ended.
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Lindsay Price
Lindsay Price, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Janet Sosna, Seasons 8-10

Following the series finale, Price reprised her role on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2000 (and again in 2005, and again in 2009). She's appeared on a number of television series, including Pepper Dennis opposite Rebecca Romijn, British show Coupling, and Lipstick Jungle. Most recently, she made an appearance on Black-ish. In 2007, she wrote and performed a five-song EP entitled Someone Like Me. She married her first husband, creator of the TV show The Dead Zone Shawn Piller, in 2004 before divorcing in 2007. In 2013, she married celebrity chef Curtis Stone, with whom she has two sons.
Daniel Cosgrove
Daniel Cosgrove, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Matt Durning, Seasons 9-10

Since 90210, Cosgrove has been on three different soap operas during times when they were canceled: All My ChildrenGuiding Light, and As The World Turns. In 2002, he starred in Van Wilder: Party Liaison as Richard "Dick" Bagg. He was also on In Justice and Dirty Sexy Money before they were canceled, and now he stars as Aiden Jennings on Days of Our Lives. In 1997, before he was on the show, he married his wife Marie, with whom he had four children with after the series ended.
Vanessa Marcil
Vanessa Marcil, Beverly Hills 90210
FOX/Getty Images
Gina Kincaid, Seasons 9-10

When Marcil was cast as Gina Kincaid in 1998, she had already made a name for herself among soap opera fans for playing Brenda Barrett on General Hospital. After the series ended, Marcil had a child with co-star Brian Austin Green in 2002, and then won a Daytime Emmy for reprising her role on General Hospital. In 2003, she began to star in the TV series Las Vegas, and continued to until the show's end in 2008. In 2010, Marcil married her second husband (after divorcing Corey Feldman in 1993), Carmine Giovinazzo, whom she divorced in 2013. Most recently, Marcil has returned to General Hospital from time to time, and she just announced that she's engaged.

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