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Catherine Keener Defends Jennifer Aniston on TV

Jennifer Aniston was amazed when actress Catherine Keener shielded her from a reporter on TV show Today, after the journalist persistently questioned Aniston over reported wedding plans.

Yesterday’s interview grew tense when entertainment star Jill Rappaport asked the former Friends actress to comment on reports talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey is planning to throw an $8 million wedding for the star and her new boyfriend Vince Vaughn.

The actresses were appearing on the show to promote their upcoming movie Friends with Money, but the interview inevitably turned to Aniston‘s personal life.

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Rappaport asked the intrusive question just moments after Aniston had expressed reluctance to talk about her private life.

Keener snapped, “I thought you weren’t going to go there?”

But the reporter persisted, saying she was curious because she had never been to an $8 million wedding, only for Keener to bite back with, “And now you won’t be.”

Aniston remained tight-lipped throughout the debacle.

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