Dillon Casey Tells Why ‘Nikita’ Turned His Character into a Nintendo-Loving Stoner


Sean Pierce is not a happy camper. When we last saw our favorite Navy SEAL on Nikita, Division had just faked his death after Amanda (Melinda Clarke) framed him for the assassination of the head of the CIA, making him a true member of Division. That’s right, the reluctant volunteer agent is now stuck in the last place he ever wanted to be. Dillon Casey, the man behind the SEAL-turned-Division-agent, is quick to talk all about Sean’s plans for the near future, including his new penchant for drug use – and not wearing any underwear.

“Actually, in the next episode he gets into weed,” Casey says. “He’s hanging out in his room hitting the bong and playing Nintendo. But that only lasts like a week.” Let’s hope Division has plenty of Cheetos handy, because Sean’s munchies are about to get out of control.

All jokes aside, Casey couldn’t stress enough just how unhappy Sean is in his new situation as a full-time Division agent in tonight’s all-new episode, “With Fire.” “He doesn’t really have any choice. He’s a part of Division now whether he likes it or not,” Casey says. “I guess he doesn’t have to fight for them. He can just walk around complaining and eating their food and leaving a mess if he wants, but I think he will go stir crazy after a while.” 

Thanks to Sean’s past as a Navy SEAL, he feels an obligation to do something, anything, even if that means joining an operation he never agreed with in the first place. “He’s a Navy SEAL. These guys are nonstop energy. If people are out on a mission in the field, he is going to go crazy not being a part of it,” Casey says. “And he’s also got Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), he’s got to watch her back. So he needs to be involved in one way or another. Right now he’s sort of processing this extreme change that’s happening in his life and he’s trying to let go of any resentment he might have towards anyone who helped put him in this position and move forward and help out in a way that he can. While he’s here, he can make the best of a bad situation and put his skills to work.”

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Trying to make the best out of a bad situation is also a good way to describe his relationship with conflicted girlfriend(ish) Alex, since this new situation is going to put more than a little strain on them. As if they didn’t have enough problems already, Alex and Sean are going to be facing their own personal struggles now that they’re both in Division full time. “Is Alex happy ever? The warmest scene we’ve had of [Alex and Sean] besides the sex one was the one that happened in ‘Black Badge,’ when they’re in bed together. And they’re even fighting a little bit there!” Casey says. “So Alex, as much as she has Sean around now that she’s got full access to the guy, feels a little bit guilty because she feels like if she had left Division a long time ago, back when he said she should have, then this wouldn’t have happened. Sean’s life wouldn’t have been thrown upside down.”

And it’s especially hard for Sean to adjust to life as a Division agent because he never truly belonged there. “Everyone who is a part of Division is there because they’ve made huge mistakes in their lives. They’re convicts, they’re kind of bad people who were given a second chance,” Casey says. “He is the most well-intentioned, and, for lack of a better word, the best person on the show. He’s a Navy SEAL, he doesn’t have a criminal history, he hasn’t really done anything treasonous. He was pulled into Division against his will and for that reason he harbors a lot of resentment for the place and everybody involved and that includes Alex as well. So between her guilt and his resentment they’re headed into another rough patch and they’re going to have to find a way to work it out.”

Another wrinkle coming up for Alex and Sean is… Owen (Devon Sawa)! While Owen and Alex may not have anything romantic going on, there is definitely reason enough for Sean to be jealous of Owen in tonight’s episode. “He just doesn’t like the guy. He knows who Owen is, this ex-cleaner, and Sean is just disgusted,” Casey says. “He dissolved bodies in acid, not a very honorable job, and despite the fact that Owen now walks around acting like he’s this good guy, I don’t think Sean really trusts him.”

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Of course, the fact that Alex is now partners with Owen doesn’t help. “Now that Sean is injured and he can’t go out in the open because he’s supposed to be dead, Alex’s new partner becomes Owen, and Sean just doesn’t trust the guy. He’s like, ‘Who the hell is this guy who’s taking my spot?’” Casey says. “I guess it is a little bit jealousy because they’re both alpha males when it comes down to it. He works hard to keep Alex alive and have her back, and now all of a sudden he’s lost complete control of her and he has to give it up to this douchebag.” 

All in all, Sean does not have much to be happy about when we begin tonight’s new episode. “He wakes up in Division and he’s going stir crazy,” Casey says. “When he was facing the charges of murder and treason, he was facing the death penalty or a life sentence in prison. Now he’s five hundred feet underground in this secret organization with a shoulder sling on and he can’t go out in the light of day. So he’s still basically in prison. Sean is going crazy, while Alex has to go out in the field with Owen, so it’s a whole new world for him. He would rather put his life at risk than be safe at home, if it means being able to protect Alex, so new tensions are arising.”

But one treat that fans can look forward to tonight? “I think he takes his pants off,” Casey teases. “He goes commando. These guys actually do go commando.”

Nikita airs on Fridays at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW.

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