5 Expecations I Have For The ‘Full House’ Reboot

It’s a little more than a month away and my heart could burst like a piñata filled with scrunchies, hair clips and Lisa Frank pencils. Today, neon active wear is a huge hit, patterned leggings are in and it’s about time someone trademarked some Kimmy Gibbler leg warmers. Maybe even the milkman, the paperboy and the evening TV will make a comeback. Either way, come February 26th all eyes are on Netflix’s Fuller House, and this is what I’m expecting.

1. DJ and Steve’s romance continues

Warner Bros. Television

Even though DJ Tanner is a widow and mother of three in Fuller House, I’m still holding on to hope that her and her three kids take a trip to Disney World and she runs into Steve dressed as Aladdin and they fall madly in love again. If only we could be so lucky.

2. Uncle Joey’s many talented voices make him famous

Warner Bros. Television

If Uncle Joey doesn’t have his own show or is successfully doing voice overs by now, I might lose it. I imagine the basement of the Tanner household has been transformed into Uncle Joey’s professional recording booth where he’s San Francisco’s most sought after voice artist. 

3. Uncle Jessie and Aunt Becky remain as sweet as ever

Warner Bros. Television

All I want is for Uncle Jessie to be a successful musician where his first album went Platinum and every song was about his love for Becky. Is that too much to ask? 

4. Kimmy Gibbler’s amazing outfits make a comeback

Warner Bros. Television

Warner Bros. Television

Kimmy better make her grand entrance by busting through the Tanner’s kitchen door donned in her bright pink skin tight dress with a black feather boa and battery powered blinking lights on the top. The same dress she wore to prom. It’s only right to show the kids these days what prom was really all about. 

5. Danny Tanner takes his talent to infomercials

Warner Bros. Television

Maybe Danny joined a dating website called “Wake Up San Francisco,” or he met someone at a Sham Wow convention. Or better yet, what if the writers brought back Vicky Larson! Be still, my heart. The possibilities are endless, but I’m hoping he does infomercials for a very successful cleaning product he invented where he enthusiastically shouts “Clean is good, and dirt is bad” to viewers.