‘Glee’ Star Kevin McHale Under Consideration for ‘The X Factor’ Host

Kevin McHale X FactorThe search for the new host (or hosts) of The X Factor has been hotter than a stack of griddlecakes in the deep fryer, but it may be nearing its end. Glee‘s Kevin McHale is being considered for the talent competition’s open hosting spot, TV Guide Magazine reports.

In finding a replacement for Season 1 host Steve Jones, executive producer Simon Cowell has reportedly said he is looking for a male/female team to take on the responsibilities. “What we’ve learned from the show is you’ve got so much information you have to relay as one person,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a press call. “And I think that it’s almost impossible to have one person doing the hosting job. You’ve got to give out so much information now, the telephone lines, the integration of the sponsors. I mean, they’re like newscasters now, these hosts. It’s a much, much bigger role.”

So, who are McHale’s potential partners? Ladies being considered include Khloe Kardashian Odom, Erin Andrews, and Kelly Osbourne. Considering shallow aesthetics alone, Osbourne is the best fit of the three — she’s the only one who wouldn’t tower over the 5′ 6″ McHale. But clearly looks aren’t everything (right?), and we think Kardashian Odom has the booming personality needed to counter McHale’s deadpan. McHale is charming as geeky Artie on Glee, but maybe he’s a wee bit too one-dimensionally nice to carry a show on his shoulders. McHale’s most recent hosting performance (I’m looking at you, Teen Choice Awards) certainly fell flat. Kardashian Odom may have just the right amount of sass necessary to spice up McHale’s quieter brand of charisma.

If McHale does land the gig, he’ll be reunited with his Teen Choice Awards co-host, Demi Lovato. This raises an interesting question: Are the youngs taking over TV’s talent competitions? Let’s examine the evidence. Nineteen-year-old Lovato has already begun her judging duties on The X Factor, Joe Jonas is set to judge The CW’s The Next, and lil’ bro Nick Jonas is being considered for the open American Idol judging spot. All of these kids, including McHale, are under 25.

The networks’ desire to draw in a younger viewership through the additions of these teen idols is completely transparent. And while no one can blame them for wanting to expand their demographics, it doesn’t make these casting choices any less eyebrow-raising. The fact of the matter is, no one wants to take advice from someone younger than them. Even more to the point, receiving feedback from a teenaged star who was handed his or her career on a silver platter (thanks, Disney) must be a bitter pill for any struggling artist to swallow. Simon Cowell has already gone on the record calling Lovato a “brat” (albeit playfully), and when The X Factor starts to air on September 12, it will be interesting to see if contestants show any open contempt for the young star.

Or, hey, maybe we’re wrong. Maybe a healthy dose of the young and taut will be just the electric shock these shows need to get back on their feet. And if Fox can use the success of its youth-powered ratings monster Glee to increase the number of eyes on the struggling X Factor, all power to them. At the very least, McHale — and Kardasian Odom, Andrews, Osbourne, or whomever the lady host may be — will look nice in HD.

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